Festival Preview: WA: 6/14–6/16 Washington Brewers Festival presented by the Washington Beer Commission

image sourced from the Washington Beer Commission's Brewers Festival page

There is an old saying, “stay hydrated in the sun”.

It’s a caution that many listen to but rarely heed.

Which is why, despite the weather showing 70+ degrees Fahrenheit, you reach for a beer.

“What was it the wise sage told me about doing while I was in the sun? Not really sure. I guess I should enjoy this IPA, before I regret it.”

And boom, you’re suddenly wondering where the light headedness and overwhelming urge to sleep came from.

What’s the cause of this sudden bout of lethargy? The answer is the Washington Brewers Festival.

The 8th annual Washington Brewers festival is less than a week away. With it comes the prospect of enjoying your favorite brewery-produced beer, in four ounce portions.

This year the festival is happy to announce a bit of a shut out for the ‘out of towners’. Unlike the Oregon Brewers Festival, which shares its park with the likes of 21st Amendment, Sierra Nevada, or Bison Brewing; the WABF is a showcase of Washington breweries. Which makes the fact that all 72 brewery entries belong to Washington Breweries truly unique.

Starting daily at 11 AM, you are encouraged to pick from over 250 different beers, from 72 breweries, all with zip codes listed in Washington state.

For those of you who haven’t visited in prior years there are some changes. Namely the festival has since moved to Marymoor Park in Redmond. Other changes come as more food vendors, including food trucks. With the addition of these mobile restaurants, there shouldn’t be an empty belly, inside the festival grounds.

Finally we want to remind those attending this year's festival to make arrangements either thru a designated driver, or public transportation.

Friday tickets for WABF 2013 are $15 (in advance tickets or at the door, with Friday admission only available online. Admission includes a tasting cup and 4 tasting tokens. Saturday & Sunday admission breaks down to $20 for advance tickets ($25 online after May 31) or $25 at the door. Admission for Saturday & Sunday gets you a tasting cup and 6 tasting tokens.

Breweries? Here’s the list.

  • 192 Brewing
  • 7 Seas Brewing
  • Airways Brewing
  • Alpine Brewing
  • American Brewing
  • Anacortes Brewery
  • Bainbridge Island Brewing
  • Bale Breaker Brewing
  • Bellevue Brewing
  • Big Al Brewing
  • Big Time Brewing
  • Black Raven Brewing
  • Boundary Bay Brewery
  • Brickyard Brewing
  • Chuckanut Brewery
  • Der Blokken
  • Diamond Knot Craft Brewing
  • Dick’s Brewing
  • Dirty Bucket Brewing
  • Duvall Springs Brewing
  • E9 Brewery
  • Elliott Bay Brewing
  • Elysian Brewing
  • Emerald City Beer
  • Fish Brewing
  • Foggy Noggin Brewing
  • Fremont Brewing
  • Gallagher’s Where U Brew
  • Georgetown Brewing
  • Hale’s Ales
  • Harmon Brewing
  • Hilliard’s Beer
  • Hood Canal Brewery
  • Iron Goat Brewing
  • Iron Horse Brewery
  • Island Hoppin’ Brewery
  • Issaquah Brewhouse
  • Justice Brewing
  • Kulshan Brewing
  • Laht Neppur Brewing
  • Mac & Jack’s Brewing
  • McMenamin’s
  • Naked City Brewery
  • New Belgium Brewing
  • No-Li Brewhouse
  • North Sound Brewing
  • Odin Brewing
  • Old Schoolhouse Brewery
  • Paradise Creek Brewery
  • Pike Brewing
  • Port Townsend Brewing
  • Rainy Daze Brewing
  • Ram Restaurant & Brewery
  • Redhook Brewery
  • Reuben’s Brews
  • Riverport Brewing
  • Rock Bottom Brewery
  • Roslyn Brewing
  • Schooner EXACT Brewing
  • Scuttlebutt Brewing
  • Seapine Brewing
  • Silver City Brewery
  • Snoqualmie Falls Brewing
  • Sound Brewery
  • Strong Arm Brewing
  • Triplehorn Brewing
  • Twelve Bar Brews
  • Twelve String Brewing
  • Two Beers Brewing
  • Urban Family Brewing
  • Wingman Brewers
  • Yakima Craft Brewing


About the Washington Beer Commission

The Washington Beer Commission was ratified by the Washington State Legislature on September 6, 2006 as an Agricultural Commodity Commission, becoming the first commodity commission for craft beer in the U.S.Through RCW 15.89 the state granted the commission the opportunity to produce up to 12 beer tasting festivals per year and to use the proceeds to promote and market Washington’s craft breweries. An assessment of ten cents per barrel produced by each brewery (with a cap assessment of $1,000) was also a part of the legislation. Washington state now boasts 162 breweries and is still the only state in the nation with a beer commission.

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