Event Planner *Pushpin: OR: 6/19 5pm Green Dragon Heart of Cascadian winner Murky Depths Ale released

Join us for the tapping ceremony of the winning recipe from the 2013 Heart of Cascadia Competition. Stop by for the tapping and stick around for a Meet the Brewer session and 62 other beers on tap.

More on Murky Depths Ale, Murky Depths Ale, brewed by Daniel LeLievre

Murky Depths Ale, brewed by Daniel LeLievre, is a Cascadian Dark Ale that will make you proud to call the Northwest home. A heavy-handed addition of Northwestern hops work in harmony with the light roast flavors of the grain bill. Despite its deep, dark, and intruiging color, Murky Depths is dry and short on residual sweetness, making it an accessible brew you can have more than one of without feeling full. This won't be the most bitter beer you've ever had, but it may well be the hoppiest.

The release starts at 5:00pm and goes on until 11. Congrats to Daniel as this year’s Heart of Cascadian winner for 2013.

Wednesday June 19th, 2013 5pm – 11pm
Green Dragon releases Murky Depths Cascadian Dark Ale
928 SE 9th Ave  Portland, OR 97214


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