imageAsk anyone around the Northwest and they will tell you the best kind of beer to drink is an India Pale Ale. With notes of citrus, floral, or pine; there is nothing like an IPA. Which is why we are happy to step up to the bar or grocery aisle to get our hands on one.

Made from two-row malt and hand picked spruce tips, this beer is loaded with Vitamin-C. Say hello to Spruce Bud Ale from Fort George.

image“Spruce has been used in beer for thousands of years,” notes Fort George co-owner Jack Harris.  “In the Colonial United States black and red spruce were often used to make beer, but everyone agrees that the fresh buds on the mighty Sitka Spruce of the Pacific Northwest are the sweetest of all. The buds themselves are tart and citrusy and a huge pain in the ass to clean out of the kettle.  Nothing worth doing comes easy or without beer.”

More about Spruce Budd Ale

With the help of many Fort George fans we picked over 200 lbs of Spruce tips, leaving our arms aching from the constant stabbing of the Spruce needles.  With nothing more than organic two-row malt and Spruce tips for ingredients, this beer might be the best thing you have ever put in your mouth. With Spruce tips being full of vitamin C, this beer is incredibly good for your health* and can lead to a longer life.** With each glorious sip you are able to realize what an adventure into the woods taste like. With hints of Spruce, citrus, and more Spruce, these beer tastes like a Spruce tree. With the summer heat in full swing, grab a growler of Spruce Budd, find a some shade underneath a tree and enjoy life.

*Probably not true
**Definitely not true.

To further drive home how excited the brewery is about this beer they have released this video.

Look for Fort George Spruce Bud Ale wherever you see cans or draft of Vortex, 1811, or Tender Loving Empire NWPA. As always if you can’t find it on draft or in the can, ask your grocer or bartender to get some!


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