Industry News: OR: Belmont Station & Lisa “Beer Goddess” Morrison announce co-ownership

image sourced from Rogue Ales' Flickr pageThere's an old saying used by many who cannot come up with something original, "Put your money where your mouth is". Roughly translated, it means if you think that you can do better then by all means open your wallet.

This is something exercised by many in the craft beer community on a daily basis. Whether it's producing one of five-thousand different takes on the India Pale Ale or the five-hundredth variation on an Imperial Russian Stout. Putting it succinctly, brewers and breweries ARE willing to 'put their money where their mouth is'.

But it's very rare when someone who doesn't wear a pair of size ten rubber boots, transition from scribe to craft beer investor. Today we are happy to announce that Lisa "The Beer Goddess" Morrison, known for her numerous published words, has purchased a managing stake in Belmont Station.

Then again this announcement crosses off an 'action item' that co-owner Carl Singmaster established back in 2006.

"When my bride Amy & I decided to move to Oregon years back," notes Singmaster, "I had planned to be an investor & part-time adviser to Belmont Station to help them grow the business. Instead I wound up buying the majority ownership upon arrival in 2006 and have spent the past seven years working with a phenomenal group of beer lovers in the best beer community in the world to grow Belmont Station into the special place it is now."

It’s not to say that Carl hasn't been rewarded during these 7 years. In fact Carl has provided paychecks to the likes of Upright's Alex Ganum and Brewpublic's Angelo De Ieso. So in a way Carl could be seen as a sort of foster parent to some of PDX’s brewing industry.

Still, Carl never gave up on enlisting someone to manage the daily operations. Which is why he was elated to learn that Lisa Morrison was interested in owning a stake in Belmont.

Who is Lisa Morrison? It's not like we read every website and publication.

As host and producer of Beer O'Clock Radio, the Northwest's only weekly commercial radio show about beer; author of the beer traveler's guidebook, "Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest"; and writer for several blogs and columns in national magazines, Morrison is one of the preeminent beer evangelists in the country. She also has taught dozens of classes on beer -- from simple tastings to proper glassware -- and has founded and organized numerous beer events and fundraisers. But Morrison says while her decade-plus of work has been mostly about broadcasting information about beer, she looks forward to working one-on-one with customers, brewers and distributors to craft a more personal connection with beer.

To formally confirm the inclusion of Lisa's name on all Belmont Station letterhead, the 'shop will be hosting a party on May 31st (from 5 pm). You are encouraged to stop by, speak with Lisa about her ambitions for the 'Station.

Congrats to Carl, Lisa, and the staff at a Belmont Station & Bier Cafe.


About Belmont Station

Since its founding in 1997, Belmont Station has become Portland's most award-winning beer destination. The bottle shop features more than 1,200 beers have been thoughtfully selected, meticulously rotated and properly stored under UV-filtered light to maintain the freshest selection of beer in the region. The adjacent bier café features 16 rotating taps and a cask beer engine pouring world-class brew -- and features a brand-new covered patio and beer garden and delicious food from the onsite food cart, The Italian Market.

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