Brewery News: NW: Alaskan Brewing discontinues Pale Golden Ale, due to decreased reliability of Tettanger hops.

Last week it was announced that Alaskan Brewing, based in Juneau (Alaska) has ceased production of its annually-released beer Pale Golden Ale.

While this news might not be a source of major shock, the inspiration behind this decision should alarm you. Specifically Alaskan Brewing has elected to cease product of their American Pale Ale (not to be confused with their Freeride American Pale Ale) due to the unreliability of the Tettanger variety of hops.

“The U.S. Tettnanger hops availability, consistency and quality had started to become an ongoing issue for the past several years,” said David Wilson, Quality Assurance Manager at Alaskan Brewing. “With most hop varieties we are able to order based on the characteristics we are looking for in the taste and aroma, but because so few farmers are growing this hop, we have had a hard time coming up with the consistency we need to brew Alaskan Pale year-round.”

Add this to your list of beer trivia around the campfire, 1987. That's the year when the Pale, as it was known back then, was released to thirsty natives in Alaska. This was mostly named so people wouldn't confuse it for their flagship beer, Amber.

image of Pale Golden Ale sourced from Alaskan Brewing

Despite years of recognition and many awards, Alaskan Pale is being retired. There simply isn't a reliable hop producer who can supply them with the amount of hops needed to maintain the monthly orders. 

"We are always experimenting with different recipes, and we would love to find a similar flavor profile to the Alaskan Pale as many of us will miss this beer tremendously,” said Marcy Larson, brewery co-founder.  “But we wanted to be honest in that without those specific hops, it will not be the same beer."

As stated earlier, this doesn't mean the end of Freeride APA, as this beer uses different hops.

We can only offer our condolences to those that have grown up with this beer.

If you are looking for cases of this beer to hold onto we have two things to mention. First there is roughly a month's worth of Pale Golden Ale left for the taking. Two, we strongly request that you do not 'cellar' this beer, as it is subject to change the longer you avoid consuming.

Hostess had it's Twinkie, Fruit Pies, and Ho Hos. Loyal Alakan Brewing fans have their Pale Golden Ale.


About Alaskan Brewing Co.

Alaskan Brewing Co. has been making award-winning beer in Juneau, Alaska, since 1986. The Alaskan Brew Crew bottles the unique character of the Last Frontier with historic recipes, local ingredients and glacier-fed water. Alaskan Brewing handcrafts Amber, Freeride APA, White, IPA, Stout, Smoked Porter, Winter Ale, Summer Ale and an array of limited edition beers in the Alaskan Pilot Series.

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