Fan of Mythology? Some of you say no, other say yes. Whether it's inspired by video games God of War, movies Thor, or television show Game of Thrones,  we all enjoy a good storyline?

What about a tale associated with a one-eyed immortal, who rides a six-legged horse, and is celebrated by Vikings and superstitious Nordic? Ok so maybe you haven't seen Marvel Comics’ Thor or are watching the History Channel's Vikings television show. But it might make the bond to South Park's Odin Brewing a little more special.

Started in 2009 the brewery set out with a focus on recipes that would stand the test of time without wearing out the palate. From their Odin Pearl to their Thor's Equinox, the brewery has stayed true to their mission. Which makes every tasting, dinner pairing, and festival more like reconnecting with and old friend than a long-past acquaintance.

Stop by Beer Junction and say hello to the guys from 'down south'. Who knows, they might even bring a beer not yet ready for the public.

Thursday April 25th, 2013 5pm – 8pm
Odin tasting at Beer Junction
4511 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA


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