Tasting Preview: WA: 4/24 Good Life tasting at Beer Authority

image courtesy Petes4ducks' Flickr page If you haven't been listening to the news or reading a newspaper then you haven’t heard that the Northwest is one of the healthiest spots in the country. From our rivers and oceans to the medium-elevation mountains, we Pac. Nor'Westers have it easy. Take a hike and inhale the clean air, away from the traffic-clogged cities sometime and you will know what we mean.

And what is your go to destination during the four seasons? Do you ski the slopes of Mount Hood or Snoqualmie in the Winter? What about taking a ride along the river through Winthrop? Or take a Spring day trip through the Oregon Sand Dunes? Maybe you prefer something rugged as you drive to points unknown through Idaho. Or do you take a beer-cation to Bend, Oregon, home of the densest concentration (per person) of breweries? Admittedly we favor something with hops and malt, rather than flowers & nature. But it is possible to have both if you put your mind to it.

Known to most of the West Coast as the founding address for Deschutes Black Butte Porter, Bend has consistently remained a destination of beer lovers and aspiring brewers. With over 20 breweries registered in or around Bend, the city of 86K has covertly been spawning award-winning breweries every since Gary Fish started his little brewpub back in the late 80's.

From Boneyard to 10 Barrel the region has been rewarded. Which is why we are happy to remind you of another brewery who has made its way to Washington state, Good Life. With approachable beers like their Descender India Pale Ale or Northwest Pale Ale, the brewery is off to a good start.

Join them at Beer Authority this Wednesday for drinks and laughs, while they discuss what Bend is like and why they brew the beer they love.

Wednesday April 24th, 2013 6pm - 9pm
Beer Authority hosts Good Life Brewing
12716 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA


About the photo’s author

Pete “pete4ducks” Liedtke is an amateur photographer who is passionate about his family, travel, University of Oregon athletics and supporting sustainable local businesses such as the craft beer industry. He and his wife have visited almost every brewery in the state of Oregon and they look forward to checking out the many new craft breweries that are popping up around the state.

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