image of Ben Love courtesy's Flickr page Pop quiz. Do you know the name of a modestly-sized brewery with a named affiliated with girth? What about the brewery which is promotes recycling and bicycles? Maybe you know the name of a brewery featured in downtown PDX associated with Gordon Biersch?

Give up? The answers are Gigantic Brewing, Hopworks Urban Brewpub, and Rock Bottom.

What do these all have in common? The answer is simple, Ben Love & Van Havig. Commonly known as former brewers of HUB (Ben Love) and Rock Bottom in Downtown Portland (Van Havig).

With a dream of owning a brewery in Portland the two collaborated to form Gigantic Brewing. Located just a stones throw (5224 SE 26th Avenue) from Hair of the Dog's old location, Ben & Van have been demonstrating brewery foresight since they opened a little under a year ago. Innovation? How about distributing cases of beer in 22 ounce format, since day 1. Top that off with the fact they are distributed throughout Washington & Oregon and you have the makings of brewery not settling on 'baby steps'.

Which is why we’re reminding you to visit West Seattle's Beer Junction to enjoy 1 of 5 beers from Ben & Van's brewery. Starting at 5 this Thursday you are encouraged to shop the coolers while enjoying a taste from one of Portland's newest, ambitious, breweries.

Thursday April 18th, 2013 5pm – 8pm
Beer Junction hosts Gigantic Brewing with Ben Love
4511 California Ave SW  Seattle, WA 98116
We'll be trying five of their beers including their new Dark Meddle and Whole in the Head Imperial IPA. 


About Gigantic Brewing

Gigantic Brewing Company is an independent, artisanal brewery located in the Southeast quadrant of the Peoples Republic of Portland. Brewer/Owners Ben Love and Van Havig are veterans of the Oregon brewing community.

At Gigantic we only do two things: make the best damn IPA in Portland, Oregon and produce seasonal, exciting, flavorful beers, most of which will be brewed only once. Our goal is simultaneously to create new interpretations of classic styles and to ignore those same style guidelines completely and brew whatever our creative natures produce.

We hold ourselves to a simple principle – Never Give an Inch. We vow to start small and (stubbornly) stay small, focusing our efforts on making exceptional beer, rather than a lot of beer. When you drink Gigantic, know that we didn’t just put our names on the label – our effort, imagination, and dry wit are in every bottle.

Look for Gigantic on tap at your local, and in 22oz bottles at your favorite place to buy good beer. Better yet, come visit us at our Tap Room and Champagne Lounge and Taste the Awesome!

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