Introducing the Pickled Liver. Your source for all things brined and pickled.

image courtesy Dierken's Flickr accountSince the inception of The Northwest Beer Guide (aka, The Pickled Liver), this website set a goal to be your craft beer advocate in the Pacific Northwest. We have done this by providing you with answers before you even had the question.

Never tasted a beer from Lost Abbey? We tell you where the brewery is offering samples for a $1? Do you find yourself wondering what beer pairs best with a Burger King Whopper with cheese? Mac & Jack's Amber of course. Or do you feel like there is more to life than sitting at home watching the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament? We give you turn by turn directions to Big Time Brewery & Alehouse in the University District.

The simple fact is the Northwest Beer Guide (aka, The Pickled Liver) has promoted every brewery, restaurant, and event associated with beer. From Budweiser to Boundary Bay we have provided you with an exhaustive amount of beer-related information.

Which is why after 6, exhaustive, years, we are no longer promoting beer in the Pacific Northwest.

Introducing The Pickled Liver, your source for brine and brined products in the Northwest. From Baby Dills to Vlassic Koshers, you can find everything you need to pair with your meal.

image courtesy Chiot's Run Flickr pageBut before you think this will be another epicurean's site filled with recipes, reviews, and pairings; think again. In fact starting today we will be reviewing pickles, martini onions, beets, tomatoes, kimchi, sauerkraut, and yes livers.

In fact when we introduced the idea to local brewers they had this to say.

“In between cleaning kegs or removing spent grain from the Mash Kettle I have pondered what kinds of vegetables can be pickled. I would definitely subscribe if you promoted pickling in the same way you promoted craft beer.” – D. Cylule

“Did I ever tell you that H.P Lovecraft enjoyed pickled beets?” –D.L. Lawcent

Understandably we will still rely on taverns where beer might be present. But it will be all about pickled meat, vegetables, and the pickles.

And we can't do it without your help. So if you know a local business, aunt, mother, german pen pal, or Facebook friend from South Korea; we want to hear about it.

Post your congratulations below. We would love to hear your suggestions on how best to represent your pickled tastes.


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