Editorial: Away from the Desk: Gone to Rome!

Like all things organic, the Northwest Beer Guide is a user contributed website.

Then again we don’t need to tell you this. In between the grammar, punctuation, and lack of professional prose, it’s clear this is not the New York Times. After all, would you want something that spoke to you in a way that massaged your intellect?

Getting to the point, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know I’ll be stepping away from the desk for a little bit.

Why am I doing this? Personal vacation. A man’s gotta do something that, occasionally, doesn’t include beer. Am I right?

Starting this week I am no longer posting any material, till the following week (May 5th). Till then I encourage you to following me on Twitter where I will be posting my thoughts on Rome and it’s burgeoning craft beer scene.

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Ciao & Cheers

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