It’s often forgotten that while the lower 48 states in the US are celebrating warmer temperatures, shorter sleeves, and the possibility of getting sunburned, Canada is still wearing jackets and lipbalm.

For one brewery in British Columbia, the prospect of Spring-like weather in Canada is being rebuffed with a beer warming, like the winters being left behind.

More on this year’s Spring-themed beer.

As Brewmaster Gord Demaniuk says, “Rusty Tractor Weizenbock is brewed with wheat, several malts, noble hops and Belgian yeast, resulting in a robust, rich, malty & unfiltered beer with exceptional complexity.” Coming in at 7.5% alc./vol., and approx. 18 IBU, this unfiltered Weizenbock is like “bread in a bottle” and downright delicious.

Unfortunately, like the flowing rivers that follow a winter thaw, Fernie’s Rusty Tractor Weizenbock will be arriving in BC … eventually.

If you're feeling impatient, why not drive up Manitou Road and stop into number 26 for a few cold Fernies.

As always if you can’t find Fernie’s at your government liquor store, ask your buyer to get some.


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