CORRECTIONS: Anniversary Preview: WA: 3/21 The Pine Box celebrates their first year.

In this instant-on Twitter tweeting, Facebook liking, world; it's easy to get 99% of the facts right. But you still forget that there is 1% that should have been double checked as well.
Take for instance our mention of Pine Box's pending anniversary. In the story we clearly identified both Ian Roberts and Dean Hudgins as owners of the Pine Box. What we didn't identify is the other co-owner Mark Eskridge.
Who is Mark Eskridge? Stop by and ask for him by name and get to know him yourself. Or just look for the guy on the left of this picture.
image courtesy Suzi Pratt and her Flickr page
As for this writer I can only apologize for having, innocently, omitted Mark’s contribution associated with The Pine Box's success.
Cheers and mea culpa.
About the Suzi Pratt photo #2 author
Suzi Pratt is a freelance photographer in Seattle who specializes in taking event, restaurant, and concert photos for Eater Seattle and Getty Images. Although her Asian-ness won't let her consume more than a shot of soju at a time, she loves sampling local craft beers and is a particular fan of the beer selections at The Pine Box in Capitol Hill. When she's not in Seattle, Suzi can be found couch surfing and traveling around the world in search of her new favorite international beer (on the list: Belikin from Belize and Angkor from Cambodia).
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