Brewery News: WA: 3/8 5-10pm Peddler Brewing Co. opens it’s doors to the public

image sourced from Peddler's Twitter account. Go here for the full effect. This writer has a confession to make, I hate coming soon announcements. The anticipation, coupled with the occasional cancelation, makes me nervous. I’m even less of a fan of liquor applications and label approvals. Although I’ll admit that I’m equally excited whenever the potential brewery application in Washington state, is discovered..

When I first heard of Peddler Brewing Company I was excited, despite what our website demonstrated. Which is why we are happy to congratulate the brewery on their official opening this Friday March 8th.

Peddler Brewing is a small brewery & tasting room located in the Ballard neighborhood, in Seattle. More specifically, Peddler is located in the old Maritime Pacific Brewery & Jolly Roger Taproom.

But first a cliff notes version of Peddler’s genesis.

Founded by David Keller and Haley Woods who had a share their love of bicycling and owning a business.

Depending on who you speak with their dreams are different. For David it’s the dream of being able to discuss and brew beer, while discussing cycling in Seattle. While Haley would tell you that owning a business is only half as selling a dream to one new face per day.

Collaborating at Peddler Brewing, the hope is to encourage lively discussions while admiring the bicycle accents throughout the brewery.

image sourced from Peddler's Twitter account. Go here for the full effect.

Of course the brewery is only half the story as the taproom plans to feature 8 different Peddler beers. Unfortunately the brewery won’t have a bona fide tap-takeover till later in the year. Which is why you can expect a few regional breweries and ciders featured, until the brewery is at reaches its complement.

More on the beers

Starting on 3/8/2013 look for Peddler Kolsch, Peddler Caramel ESB, Peddler Pale, Peddler IPA, Peddle Tangerine-Wheat, Peddler Snow Beer’d (dark winter), Peddler Belgian Lights (winter-spiced Belgian), and  Peddler Coffee-Saison.

Don’t be shy about asking for a growler fill via their exchange program, supporting 32 or 64 ounce formats.

Some takeaways (aka, bring your own brown bag)

Finally we wanted to remind you that like many taprooms throughout the region there will be no kitchen. Instead you should anticipate ordering / bringing your own food.

Opening hours (for now) are Fridays 5-10pm and Saturdays 4-10pm. And the brewery has already committed to updating these hours as soon as possible.

Congrats to David & Haley. Peddler Brewing Company is located on 1514 NW Leary Way in Seattle, WA 98107.


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