Event Planner: WA: 2/23 Washington Beer Open House. Beer Tours, craft beer style.

Take a moment, sit down if you have to, and think back on your first beer. Now try to recall what thoughts entered your mind when someone said brewery tour. Admit to yourself that you had visions of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. And within that vision you would drink all the beer you wanted, for free.

First off Charlie and Chocolate Factory was a film loosely based on Roald Dahl's fictional story. And Willy Wonka made candy, not beer. Besides, would you really want to swim in a lake of beer ...? Don't answer that!

Brewery tour? So imagine that you don't live near St. Louis (Missouri), Golden (Colorado), or Pottsville (Pennsylvania). Instead we are asking you to imagine you live near Woodinville, Seattle, Olympia, Yakima, Richland, or Silverdale. More than likely you do live near one of these towns / cities. Now imagine that instead of getting free beer, you have the opportunity to visit a brewery during the weekend.

Put your hand down if you're going to mention brewpubs like Boundary Bay, Chuckanut, Naked City, or Elysian. Instead we are talking about breweries that have what barely qualifies as a tasting room. We are talking about visiting a building where your beer comes from. That is presuming that you are the least bit curious.

For one day only on February 23rd from 12pm to 5pm, you are encouraged to visit over 40+ breweries, depending on where you are in the state.

But before you start cleaning your growlers and calling in that designated driver favor, we wanted to remind you of something, responsibility. And we aren't just talking about drinking beer. We are talking about responsible eating, responsible number of questions (to the brewer) and above all responsible imbibing. This is your warning since most of these places aren't going to simply ask which beer you want next.

Instead we want to prepare you for the distinct possibility, on top of beer, that there will be appetizers & music.

Get to the point, what breweries are participating?!

Sheesh, alright already! Here's the current (and we preface as of 2013-02-15) list.

And for the last time, you won't be allowed to drink directly from the fermenter. And no there will not be a lake of beer for you to swim in. Get out there, meet the brewer, drink their beer, and enjoy the Open House.

Visit washingtonbeer.com for a map, directions and additional information. Plan your trip to visit a few neighboring breweries during the day or spend the afternoon at one of your local favorites.

Come out and celebrate Washington Beer!


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