Brewery News: WA: Expansion: 12 Bar Brews increases production by 40%

It’s not often that a local brewery will announce to the masses their successes. On the other hand we are always happy to give a brewery the ‘pat on the back’, either in person or via NWBG.

So it’s with a measure of congratulations that we wish Twelve Bar Brews continued success, as they expand their brewery by 40%.

As part of this expansion the brewery is installing a 30 BBL (or 60 Keg) fermenter and will soon be releasing new beers.

What sort of beers is anybody’s guess but we prefer to hear what brewer Kirk Hilse has in mind.

“I’m leaning toward doing some different imperials,” admits head brewer and owner Kirk Hilse. “But I may change my mind on that so don’t quote me,”'

We say that it’s too late for quoting someone. But we wish 12 Bar Brews the best of luck in supplying the highly competitive, I-5 / I-405 corridor, with something different.


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