Beer Release: WA: Coming Soon … Northwest Local INK Ale

Who is Northwest Brewing Company? That’s what I thought till I was reminded of WHO they were.

Turns out we are really talking about breweries Trade Route, Laughing Buddha, and Three Skulls. Although technically we are talking about two distinct breweries, since emphasis is associated with keeping facts straight. Mind you this doesn’t answer the question associated with Northwest Brewing Company.

So … Northwest Brewing Company? I’ll let the brewery introduce themselves.

Northwest Brewing Company (NWBC) was established in July 2012 and handcrafts over a dozen different brews. The brewery formally known as Trade Route, is located in at 1091 Valentine Ave. S.E., Pacific, Washington, just south of Emerald Downs. The Tap room is open Monday-Thursday 12- 10p.m., Friday and Saturday 12-11 p.m. and Sunday 12-6 p.m.

Which is our horrible way of announcing their next beer release.

Introducing Local INK, a “robust, smooth malty ale with depth and complexity from a carefully selected combination of truly local malts,”

More on Local INK

This beer was built on a foundation of flavorful pale ale malt grown in the Northwest and given its mild coffee and chocolate flavors from roasted barley paired with an ABV of 6.6% and 26 IBUs.

The name derived from the tattoo industry because of the similarity in rich color. From this, NWBC found local tattoo artists in each market to design the background artwork for the logo.

“By having artists from the areas we sell our beer design the tap handles we get to stay as local as possible to each community and keep our designs bold, sexy and fun,” said Steed.

To celebrate the release of this uniquely named ale, the brewery is hosting a party from 6-9pm this Friday (March 1st, 2013).

More on the event featured on March 1st.

“Show us your INK” will include special prices on local INK, a chance to design the tap handle for NWBC taproom and contests for personal tattoos. The contest will include three categories “Most Intricate”, “Most Original”, and “Ooops, Tattoos Gone Wrong” and prizes will be awarded. The event is open to the public and will take place from 6-9 p.m. Friday, March 1, in the NWBC Taproom , located at 1091 Valentine Ave. S.E. Pacific, Wash.

Congrats to the brewery in their endeavors to grow and contribute to craft beer in Washington.


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