image sourced from Double Mountain Brewery Fact, the Guinness Brewery (Dublin, Ireland) was founded in 1759. Hood River’s Double Mountain was founded in 2007.

This is a small comparison to how young the American craft beer industry is, when compared to world famous Guinness. But this doesn’t mean that breweries, assuming they are successful, don’t recognize when they are a year older. And that’s precisely what owners Matt Swihart and Charlie Devereux are celebrating.

Since 2007, the Double Mountain brewery has been providing Hood River and the surrounding Oregon counties with an alternative to ‘all the other Oregon beers’.

Then again you could say that the beginnings of Double Mountain was infused with coincidence and luck.

Coincidence? That’s Full Sail Brewery’s fault.

Charlie and Matt met over 20 years ago where they shared brewing shifts together. Eventually Charlie would leave his position of low-wage, malt lover; for that of a progressive education in Business and Accounting, at Portland State University.

image source from Lisa Morrison's website The Hop Press. Please click on the link.And if you met both Charlie and Matt back then you would think they were the odd couple. While Charlie spent time at Portland State, working towards an MBA, Matt remained at Full Sail.

Eventually Matt’s sweating, grunting, and financial struggles would pay off when he received the promotion of Assistant Brewer in 1999. But some might say that Matt wanted more.

Staying in touch, Matt and Charlie spent time discussing long-term careers. For Charlie the prospect of being financially rewarded for his MBA seemed enough. But for Matt the prospect of owning a winery, cidery, or brewery was all that mattered.

Eventually Matt and Charlie found themselves with the same goal of small business, ownership. It did however require a little luck.

As luck would have it, on a rainy day in February, Matt spied a "For Lease" sign in one of the few light-industrial-zoned storefronts in downtown Hood River. Just over a year later, on St. Patrick's Day 2007, Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom was unveiled to a thirsty public. With Matt at helm in the brewhouse and Charlie focusing on marketing, sales and the finer points of making a killer pizza, the business hit the ground running.

image sourced from Double Mountain BreweryIt’s now been 6 years since Matt and Charlie purchased the lease at 8 Fourth Street in downtown Hood River. Which is why the brewery and this writer are celebrating another successful year of challenging drinkers perceptions of what a good beer should taste like.

Starting at 11:30am Double Mountain invites both Oregonians and out-of-town visitors alike, to celebrate with the staff on their 6th Anniversary. $5 admission for those 21 and over, which includes a souvenir mug. One special note is that children are allowed during the celebration, until 5 PM.

The Celebration details include 24 beers, including limited edition releases, spread out over three bars. Music of course will be provided, featuring Hell’s Belles, Brewer’s Grade (formerly Unwound), Audios Amigos, Shed Shakers, and Sid & Al. Pizza by-the-slice and sandwiches will be provided, for a cost.

Saturday March 16th, 2013 11:30am – 11:00pm
Double Mountain Brewery Celebrates Six Years
8 Fourth Street Hood River, OR

Congrats to Matt, Charlie, and the entire staff of Double Mountain Brewery.


Special thanks to Lisa Morrison for her photo of Charlie and Matt, circa 2009.

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