CORRECTIONS: Beer Release: WA: Coming Soon … Big Time Brewery Whiny the Complainer.

As with all things instantaneous and ‘blogged’, we were informed that some technical details needed updating.

So how does it compare to PTY or PTE? We don’t really care! Instead we invite you to try this 1.088 (Original Gravity), 1.019 (Terminal Gravity), 11.00% gift in a glass, for yourself (starting at 11:01 Tuesday February 5th).

The actual Original Gravity is 1.132 and the Terminal Gravity is 1.022, compared to 1.088 (Original Gravity) and 1.019 (Terminal Gravity).

Whiny the Complainer Triple India Pale Ale’s alcohol by volume is 10.80%, not 11.00% as reported.

Finally the Big Time Brewery and Alehouse opens at 11:30 AM, although we are going to stop you from getting in line at 11:01 AM. Just don’t complain to the beertender / kitchen when they open the doors ‘late’ (in your opinion).

Special thanks to Drew Cluley for requesting the corrections. The last thing we want is to give people the wrong information.


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