Charity Preview: OR: 2/1 Saraveza hosts their 5th Annual Meat Raffle

image courtesy Portlandbeer.orgMore often than not this website is synonymous with beer events, beer pairings, or beer reviews. We do this in part because at one point we questioned if there was more to beer than Heineken, “The Banquet Beer”, or “The King of Beers”. In fact if you’re a regular subscriber you would find we focus on a wide variety of breweries.

But what isn’t discussed on here or elsewhere, are charities. Organizations that support a cause either physical or emotional. But as we said this is a website about beer events, which is why this writer is happy to promote the 5th Annual Meat Raffle at Saraveza.

What the heck is a meat raffle?

Clearly you aren’t a hunter from the Wisconsin or Minnesota.

A meat raffle is a tradition of raffling off meat, often in pubs and bars, common in Britain, Australia, in the USA in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and in Western Canada. In most parts of Britain and Canada a meat raffle is known as a meat draw.

In some cases the raffle is operated by a designated charity, though in Britain most of the proceeds are spent on prizes and the raffle is run as a social occasion and a method of enticing customers into a local pub. The meat ranges in animal and cut and often comes from local butchers.

A typical meat raffle would have approximately 25-30 tickets sold at $1 each, though there is considerable variation and some raffles are much larger. Depending on the specific raffle, when a winning number is called the winner can either pick their cut of meat or opt for a gift certificate. All proceeds typically go to a charity.

Also simply known as a meat tray, the tradition is well known in Australian and New Zealand pubs. The trays of meat raffled vary in content: a barbecue style mix of steaks, lamb chops, sausages etc. is the most common, however "breakfast trays" (bacon, eggs, sausages) and "seafood trays" (prawns, oysters, mussels) are also common. Meat trays are usually raffled to raise money for local sporting teams, often those associated with the particular pub the raffle occurs in. The proceeds often help fund the team's end of season trip. Care must be taken with seafood trays given the propensity for the contents to spoil in the heat as the lucky winner continues drinking; often a friendly publican will store the tray in the fridge until the winner is sufficiently refreshed and ready to head home.[citation needed]

-source, Wikipedia

In case you haven’t connected the dots how this relates to beer, then we have news for you, Saraveza. For over four years Saraveza has reminded people why there is a deer on the wall, or where all the references to Hamm’s came from. In fact you only have to ask for the Packers schedule to know that Saraveza means Wisconsin. Plus is doesn’t hurt that Saraveza is one of the more highly regarded spots in Portland if not the region. I mean who doesn’t crave a Wisconsin pasty right now?

And what better thing to do then to honor Wisconsin and the hunt by stopping into ‘Veza this Friday or Sunday.

On Friday night & Sunday afternoon we’ll be raffling off a wide and wild variety of seriously delicious cuts from some of the finest purveyors in the land (including some of Saraveza’s own house-smoked sausages and bacon!), and what’s more, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to FRESH EXCHANGE a program that makes farm-direct produce accessible for those using Oregon Trail Card.

- source, Saraveza

Friday February 1st, 2013 7:00 PM & Sunday February 3rd, 2013 ‘during the Super Bowl Half Time’
Saraveza’s 5th Annual Meat Raffle
1004 N Killingsworth Street Portland, OR 97217


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Cold beer, hot pasties & lots of homemade pickles.  Saraveza is a place to celebrate beer, hang out, eat well and enjoy friends and strangers alike. We’re a North Portland watering hole and craft beer convenience store with over 200 bottles and 10 rotating taps. We adore good food and make our pasties and tavern treats w/ fresh, local ingredients and love … –source, Saraveza’s website

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