Brewery News: WA: Kickstart’ing Peddler Brewing Company. How you can help.

Peddler Brewing Company logo sourced from their Kickstarter pageIf you’ve been an occasional reader of this blog then you know we try to avoid posting rumor or ‘what ifs’. Mind you this isn’t a dig on those that do. We just detest jumping ahead of ourselves, substituting patience with enthusiasm.Which is why we are happy to let you know of another local Washington brewery that has nearly completed their opening to the public.

With a very Northwest-friendly name, Peddler Brewing Company is fast approaching its planned (end of) February opening.

Started by co-owners Haley Woods and David Keller, this brewery will feature a 7-barrel brewing system and tasting room. But that is pretty much where the brewery sounds like every other small-batch brewery.

Beyond this the brewery and tasting room is promoting itself as a strong supporter of bicycling. From the indoor bike rack, the public-use work station and the overall theme; Peddler Brewing sounds exciting.

Then again you probably haven’t heard of Peddler Brewing despite the lease on their current location shows 6 months of use. It might be because the brewery is hard at work getting ready for their, projected, February opening. Or it might be because the brewery has been too busy to promote itself.

Which is why we are happy to promote another brewery going viral through Kickstarter.

Here’s what co-owner Haley Woods has to say about using Kickstarter.

I didn't know much about Kickstarter before we looked into it, but it's pretty awesome.  People can go to the website, watch a video Dave and I made, read more about our brewery, and then choose to help us fund it.  In return they can get some sweet Peddler Brewing Co. swag too including pint glasses, magnets, t-shirts, your name on our wall, or using the space for a private party.  So it's a win-win. I feel much better about it because there's something in it for both sides.  I set up the Kickstarter and within just 5 days we already reached our goal of $5,000 which guarantees we'll get funding from here on out. Incredible! 

So other than checking out a new brewery, what do I need to do?

The answer is simple, help them raise $15,000 by the end of the month. You can do that through one of their 15+ backing programs. From the ‘pocket change’ equivalent of $1 to the rent-destroying $305, there is a contribution level for anyone. But if you aren’t one to throw money around, then we suggest you wait till around the first week in March, to learn more about Peddler Brewing.

Those still interested in sponsoring / supporting another Northwest brewery can visit their Kickstarter page here.


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