Brewery News: SD: Deschutes expands distribution into South Dakota

image courtesy's Flickr page Bend, OR - As with all things commerce-related we are happy to announce the expansion through distribution of Bend’s favorite brewery, Deschutes.

From Rapid City to Chamberlain say hello to your newest out of state import, Deschutes Brewery. Working with local distributors as well as Eagle Sales, the brewery is happy to answer finally the question around Black Butte Porter.

Tom Hellard, president of Eagle Sales of the Black Hills, said, “We are looking forward to a successful partnership with Deschutes as we bring its beers to even more people in South Dakota. Our respective companies have a similar philosophy of bringing high quality, consistent products to customers, so working together is a natural fit.”

Short and to the point, look for Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Black Butte Porter, Inversion IPA and Red Chair Northwest Pale Ale; in the coming months.


About Deschutes Brewery

Founded in 1988 as a brew pub in downtown Bend, Oregon, Deschutes Brewery is known for such brands as Black Butte Porter, its flagship brew and the nation’s number one selling craft porter, and the popular Mirror Pond Pale Ale. In addition to its original Bend pub, the brewery opened a second pub in Portland’s Pearl District in 2008. The company’s main brewing facility is located in Bend’s Old Mill District and produces over 250,000 barrels of beer annually for distribution in 20 states and two provinces. To find out more, visit

About Eagle Sales

Eagle Sales of Black Hills, which is headquartered in Rapid City, has a portfolio made up of craft and imported beers. The company’s mission is to be the “go to” for the beer lovers of western South Dakota. The company’s entire staff is First Level Cicerone Certified to assist customers in the areas of beer storage, styles, tastings, brewing processes and pairing with food. Sister company, Eagle Sales in Chamberlain, was started in 1903 and incorporated in 1906 with long history of doing business in central South Dakota. The company now distributes more than 30 different brands to 13 counties in south central South Dakota.

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