image sourced from Raymond Larose's Flickr page through Creative Commons, cheersEarlier this month something interesting happened, Russian River beers disappeared from Washington state.

Come on. We dare you to deny that the first Russian River beer that came to mind was Pliny the Elder.

To be honest we don’t blame you. But there is more to life then the so-called perfect IPA. In fact we can provide you with a least 10 admirable, enjoyable beers. But that would require a different headline (above), with words like Opinion or Editorial littered throughout this story. In fact we would rather tell you about a beer release.

We are happy to announce the return of a beer that makes fun of your hop-stalking ways. As a reminder that although Consecration, Damnation, Beatification, and yes this year’s edition of Pliny the Younger are gone; you should stop into Big Time Brewery.

Coming this February, Whiny the Complainer India Pale Ale returns, to remind you that good IPAs are easy to find.

What’s Whiny the Complainer?

image of Whiny the Complainer courtesy +Russ's Flickr pageWhiny the complainer is a triple-strength India Pale Ale. Think of it as the Seattle cousin to Pliny the Younger. And don’t give Drew 100% credit for this beer since the namesake comes from former BTB brewer Bill Jenkins’ dig on those Russian River devotees, that can be heard muttering incoherently about absent kegs of Pliny the Younger.

For the beer geeks, WTC features a dump-truck of hops. Technically 3.60+ pounds of hops are included in each barrel. With names like Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus, Magnum, Amarillo, and Simcoe; this beer is a brewer's protein shake. Further punctuating the type hops in this beer, head brewer Drew Cluley and assistant brewer Bradley Zimmerman Dry-hopped WTC with Nelson Sauvin.

So how does it compare to PTY or PTE? We don’t really care! Instead we invite you to try this 1.088 1.132 (Original Gravity), 1.019 1.022 (Terminal Gravity), 11.00% 10.80% gift in a glass, for yourself (starting at 11:01 Tuesday February 5th).

But if you can’t wait until the first Tuesday in February then we have an inside tip. It appears the brewery is bringing a keg of WTC to The Pine Box (February 4th). As part of the delivery Big Time staff will be on hand from 6:00 till the beer is gone or they turn off the lights.


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+Russ is a photo blogger and an avid beer drinker"

UPDATE: Corrections have been applied to this post and an explanation can be found here.

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