Anniversary Preview: WA: 01/12 10am Celebrate The Burgundian's 1st Year Anniversary with Imperial Fest’

image sourced from the Northwest Beer Guide Flickr pageWake up and strap on a set, The Burgundian Tavern is celebrating their first year in business!

For any business, this is the first of many artificial milestones that must be met to be considered successful.

More critically, this celebrates Matt Bonney and Matt Vandenberghe's dream of opening a spirits-focused, all-day breakfast, pub. Rest assured the bar has both draft and canned beers for the asking. But this place has always been about the Tequila, Scotch, and Whiskey (and Whisky). Did I mention the Chicken & Waffles?

“What the heck is a Burgundian?”

Chances are you’ve heard about the ‘Tavern in the pages of the Seattle Times, Seattle Beer News, or Washington Beer Blog. Unfortunately that was about a bar named The Publican, which ended up changing its name after a dispute with a 'joint' from Chicago.

In actuality the name comes from the region of Burgundy. To be a Burgundian requires seeking out a higher epicurious experience. Or to put it bluntly it meant that pairing drink and food wasn't defined by visiting the nearby McDonald's, to enjoy a Big Mac and Coke. In fact if you spoke to a Burgundian they would offer pairing suggestions of both food and drink (insert favorite adult beverage). Which seems to suit the ‘Tavern given their lineage (starting with Brouwer's Cafe).

Whether it was The Publican or The Burgundian Tavern is irrelevant. What is relevant is that they are opening at 10:00 AM featuring their all-day breakfast, some kick-a** beers, and a limited edition menu; all to celebrate 1 year of business!

“So ... what's this I hear about an Anniversary?”

Getting to the point the Tavern will be featuring numerous seasonal one-offs, including Firestone Walker, Fremont, The Bruery, Epic Ale, and Speakeasy. Oddly enough their Anniversary coincides with the inaugural Imperial Fest (starting at 10am).

And now the beer list.

  • 12.0% Boulevard Rye on Rye
  • 10.0% Dogfish Head Burton Baton Imperial IPA
  • 9.50% Dupont Avec les bon Voeux Tourpes-Leuze
  • ?.??%  Epic Ales Phil's Canadian Maple Syrup Crisis
  • 13.0% Firestone Walker 16th Anniversary Barrel Aged Blend
  • 12.0% Firestone Waker Double DBA Barrel Aged Imperial Special Bitter
  • 9.50% Fremont Bourbon Barrel Abominable
  • 8.50% Fremont Raspberry Darkstar Oatmeal Stout
  • 9.50% Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout
  • 9.50% Green Flash Palate Wrecker
  • 10.5% HUB Brouwers 6th Anniversary Imperial Stout
  • 8.20% Lagunitas Maximus Imperial IPA
  • 9.00% Maritme Jolly Roger Winter Ale 2010
  • 8.80% Ninkasi Tricerahops Imperial IPA
  • 9.00% North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout
  • 10.5% Oskar Blues Ten FIDY Imperial Stout
  • 10.0% Port Brewing Old Viscosity American Dark Strong Ale
  • 11.0% Southern Tier Oak Aged Unearthy Imperial IPA
  • 11.0% Stone Bottleworks 13th Anniversary American Strong Ale
  • 9.50% Speakeasy Scarface Imperial Stout
  • 10.0% The Bruery Autumn Maple Spiced/Herb Ale
  • 9.00% Unibroue La fin du Monde Abbey Triple

“Hey genius, is there going to be anything to eat during this "Anniversary"?!”

Coming right up.

  • 2 Bonney's Biscuit
    Double sized Bacon Biscuit, Double Meat, and Double Eggs topped with a Double portion of Cream Cheese Hollandaise, served with red skin potatoes Sub Gravy for $4
  • Burgundian Double Burger
    Two 6oz Burgers, topped with bacon, mushrooms, caramelized onion, white and yellow cheddar, remoulade, lettuce and tomato, served with fries and your choice of dipping sauce
  • Triple Fried Chicken and Waffles
    Three Waffles, a pile of Fried chicken, a bowl full of gravy, and cups full of apple butter and 4 Roses Bourbon Maple syrup
  • Imperial Sausage Plate
    One extra big Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage served with Coleslaw and corn bread
  • Philthy Cheese Steak Sandwhich
    Braised Steak, Pepperoncini, and Caramelized Onion topped with Wisconsin Cheese curds on a hoagie Full or Half order available
  • Beer Can Chicken
    A Whole imperial beer roasted chicken served with mashed potatoes, imperial beer gravy and braised greens

After reading the beer and food list you’re probably asking yourself a couple of questions. 1. What is the phone number of my gastroenterologist? 2. Do I need to seek medical attention for a heart condition, from too much gravy? 3. Why did you post this on Wednesday. Now I'm pissed because I have to wait till Saturday!

Stop asking questions and head over this Saturday starting at 10:00 AM!

Saturday January 12th, 2013 10:00 AM - 2:00 AM
The Burgundian Tavern Anniversary #1 & Imperial Fest’
2253 North 56th Street Seattle, WA

Congrats to Matt Bonney, Matt Vandenberghe's, and the staff of The Burgundian Tavern for a successful year.


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