Event Planner: WA: 12/20 Elysian Fields hosts FINAL Apocalypse Series Release with Doom Golden Treacle Pale Ale

image sourced from Elysian Brewing's NewsletterHard to believe that December is almost over. But this is the nature of all things Gregorian or pagan. By this we mean the calendar. Whatever religion you have chosen there are some that believe that the end is coming. Mathematicians will tell you that the calculations are all wrong. But that won’t stop some people from having fun at other people’s paranoia.

Starting back in January, Elysian sought to tell everyone to chill the f***k out and enjoy life. They did so with the release of their Yerba Mate Tripel and continued it with many other beers. With names like Peste, Heather, or Blood Orange, Elysian showed they were onto something.

Details aren’t too hard other than just show up. Where? Stop into the Elysian Brewery’s location across from Centurylink Field, in the South Downtown neighborhood (542 1st Avenue South  Seattle, WA 98104).

THE END IS BEER! Come celebrate with us as we unleash the final beer in our 12 BEERS OF THE APOCALYPSE SERIES:: DOOM Golden Treacle Pale. Doom will be available on draft and in bottles with labels featuring the artwork of comic artist Charles Burns from his weirdly apocalyptic Black Hole series.

The final party will feature ALL 12 APOCALYPSE BREWS! - so if you missed the chance to try any, this is where you'll find them! Expect an entertaining and slightly chaotic evening - with games, costume, and music by DJ RIZ ROLLINS! A very limited number of mixed 12 Beers of the Apocalypse cases will be available for purchase!

As always, don't forget to bring your APOCALYPSE BEER SURVIVAL GUIDE to this event to collect your final stamp. IT'S THE FINALE FOLKS! -DON'T MISS IT!

Starting at 6 PM you can look forward to classes on the end of the world, the official tapping of Doom Golden Treacle Pale Ale, and a toast to the apocalypse.

Which is why this writer is happy to believe that should the world have come to an end, it will be done so in a bar, in Seattle, with a pint in my hand.

Thursday December 20th, 2012 6:00 PM – ?
Doom Golden Treacle Pale Ale release party at Elysian Fields
542 1st Avenue South Seattle, WA 98104


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