Pairing Preview: OR: 12/1 Saraveza hosts New Belgium for dinner

image courtesy It would appear that anything ‘Veza-related has been absent from this website, for some time. This isn’t a purposeful omission. Rather a simple side-effect of trying to keep up with spinning world’s worth of events. From Bailey’s Taproom to Cascade’s Tuesday barrel tappings, one can get caught up and forget that they have a story to write.

Which is why we wanted to remind you of Saraveza and their continued proof that a room named Bad Habit can provide some good.

This time around the infamous room down the hall is hosting a beer dinner. If you haven’t heard of a beer dinner then you won’t really mind if everyone else enjoys what’s on the menu.

This coming Saturday while everyone else is getting buzzed and chemically warm, the Tavern off Killingsworth (no, the one with sausages and pastys) is featuring a beer dinner accented with New Belgium’s Lips of Faith series.

We won’t go into too many details regarding the Lips of Faith series beers other than, it’s the Lips of Faith beers. If that previous sentence makes little or no sense, then we will kindly get to the point and provide you the menu.

Bruschetta w/ Roasted Game Hen, French Cheese and Relish
•Paired With: New Belgium & Vivant’s “Biere De Garde” French-Style Farmhouse Ale w/ Bergamot Orange Peel

Spicy Greens Salad w/ Goat Cheese, Candied Hazelnuts, Delicata Squash & Peach Porch Vina’beer’ette
•Paired With: New Belgium & G-Love’s “Peach Porch Lounger” Full-Bodied Farmhouse Ale w/ Molasses, Hominy Grits, Lemon Peel & Peach Juice

Cocoa-Dusted Pork Loin Over Wild Black Rice
•Paired With: New Belgium’s “Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout” w/ Sustainably-Grown & Locally Roasted Coloradoan Coffee

•“Shift” Break and Discussion•

Seared Bone-In “Lamb Pop” w/ Black Cherry Balsamic Reduction Over Crisp House Slaw
•Paired With: New Belgium’s “La Folie” Flemish-Style Wood-Aged Sour Brown

Saraveza Cheesecake w/ Tart Lychee Syrup
•Paired With: New Belgium’s “Tart Lychee” Barrel-Aged Sour Ale w/ Lychees and Cinnamon Sticks

With a list like this we can’t tell you why $75 isn’t a good deal. You will either want to purchase a ticket or you won’t. In the meantime we encourage to swing into Saraveza, even if you aren’t getting a ticket for the dinner. The ‘spot’ has plenty of beer and their meats and pastys are freakin’ awesome!

Saturday December 1st, 2012 5:00 PM – (do you really need to know)
New Belgium "Lips of Faith" Dinner
1004 N Killingsworth Street Portland, OR 97217


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About Saraveza

Cold beer, hot pasties & lots of homemade pickles.  Saraveza is a place to celebrate beer, hang out, eat well and enjoy friends and strangers alike. We’re a North Portland watering hole and craft beer convenience store with over 200 bottles and 10 rotating taps. We adore good food and make our pasties and tavern treats w/ fresh, local ingredients and love … –source, Saraveza’s website

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