Pairing Guide: Thanksgiving/Christmas: Sides with a Pint

In terms of food, Thanksgiving is all about the bird. Side dishes are nothing more than filler, but they still stand up by themselves when one uses the right "brew." This week, we continue looking at the theme of beer with a helping of thanks.

Potatoes (ref. Mashed, Scalloped, Baked) & Dinner Rolls.When it comes to quality pairings, the common denominator is a beer that produces a "biscuit-like" sensation when it's consumed. Local examples of "bready" beer are Elysian ESB, Hales Cream Ale, or a Pike Tandem Brown Ale.

Candied Yams. This is a dish that some people can live without. Between the butter, marshmallows, and spices in this dish, it can be consumed with a Hale's Cream Ale or an Elysian Night Owl.

Black Olives (see The Ultimate Finger Food). A Mediterranean import like this that produces a salty, slightly acidic flavor would be best served against a bitter or sour beer. Big Time Scarlett Fire, Universal Pale Ale, Pikes Pale Ale, Georgetown Manny's Pale Ale, or an Elliott Bay Red Von Borrian come to mind.

More options are coming, including Pumpkin or Apple Pies served with a nice spiced or sweet beer!


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