Pairing Guide: Thanksgiving / Christmas: Beer and the Bird

Thanksgiving falls on the 22nd this year--that's this week if you don't have a calendar. The tradition of Thanksgiving is to celebrate togetherness with family, friends, and even complete strangers. A good Thanksgiving, in our opinion, also includes some times for reflection when you can enjoy a mixed drink or a glass of wine. And while wine and martinis might seem the best options with turkey (martinis pair best with dark meat, by the way), there's a missed pairing option: the craft beer.

To get things started, here's a primer for those willing to visit a local brewery or bottleshop during their time of thanks.

Traditional Turkey: (See Poultry) Classically referred to as a stupid bird, you’d be an idiot to pair this with white wine. Instead consider a Bigtime Atlas Amber, Elysian Fields Yuzu Strong Golden Ale, Two Beers Immersion Amber, or a Elliott Bay West Side Brown.

Traditional Stuffing: Whether you use a chicken or turkey stock to manufacture this familiar dish, you should consider a nice lager such as a Hilliard’s Pilsner, Elysian Loki, or Maritime Old Seattle.

Stay tuned for the next post where Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce, and Black Olives are paired with something unexpected.


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