Brewery News: UPDATE: Returning the Favor: Ninkasi's Morgan Miller gets support from Laurelwood 11/13

hey Laurelwood I'm borrowing this!Quoth The A-Team's Hannibal "I love it when a plan comes together."

Assuming your an A-Team fan (or not) this writer wanted to give you guys a situation report on ol' Morgan from Ninkasi Brewing.

If you haven't any idea what we are talking about then by all mean read this before further confusing yourself.


Morgan is recovering at home. Which has been pretty evident if you are a friend of his on Facebook. Unfortunately for him there aren't many people stepping up to donate. Instead there are many who have offered to lend a hand. To date Morgan has raised over 3K, despite this fund raiser being under the radar.

And it's not done by a long shot as Laurelwood is here to attest.

One day only Laurelwood Brewing is taking 20% from their November 13th sales and donating them to Mr. Miller. So if you were waiting to donate, this would be a heck of a way to get some beer and food in ya, while contributing to Morgan's health.

Details are pretty straight forward. Visit either their locations in Portland (5115 NE Sandy Blvd. or 6716 SE Milwaukie Ave) or their Battle Ground, WA (1401 SE Rasmussen Blvd.) locations.

November 13th, 2012 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Laurelwood locations donate 20% of sales to Morgan

Get out there drink already! Together we can get Morgan's lazy butt back to work!

God speed Morgan!


PS, if you would rather donate time or money to Morgan instead of deadening your liver, you can click here and donate.

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