image courtesy of Paul David Gibson's flickr pageTime is on us once again to remember that it's not just breweries like Silver City or Deschutes that release barrel-aged beers. In fact come December 13th Hale's Ales will release another batch of barrel-aged Wee Heavy.

This is the 2nd edition of our winter seasonal aged in bourbon barrels. Wee Heavy is rich in malt character both in flavor and aroma which allows this beer to stand up well to the assertive flavors from the barrels. This batch has been barrel-aged for 9 months and then blended back into fresh Wee Heavy to add subtlety to the aggressive flavor of the barrels and brighten up the overall beer.  Notes of currants and dark caramel shine through in aroma, as well as a layering of oak, vanilla, and bourbon. The flavor is complex, and continues to change as the beer warms up, and the alcohol strength is subdued, allowing the specialty malts to carry much of the complex flavor from this beer. For the best experience, please enjoy our offering in a tulip glass near 55 degrees.Hale’s Ales

  • Traditional Strong Ale
  • Mahogany in color, rich and mouthfilling, the warm flavors of this winter ale are a hearty match for the cold weather season.
  • History: Hale's Wee Heavy was brewed as the brewery's first "Seasonal" beer in the winter of 1985. The term "Wee Heavy" is a traditional Scottish name for a strong ale.
  • Ingredients: Pale, Crystal, Munich, Wheat, Special B.,& Cherrywood Smoked malts. Delta hops for bittering, Apollo for aroma and finish.
  • Original Gravity: 1.070 I.B.U's: 50 A.B.V.: 7.2%
  • Still interested? Good. You can swing into the pub on December 13th, around 5 PM, to pick up a limited number of bottles. While your at it you should try a taste before cracking one of your own.

    Thursday December 13th, 2012 5:00 PM (206) 782-0737
    Hale's Ales releases their barrel-aged Wee Heavy Strong Ale
    4301 Leary Way Northwest  Seattle, WA 98107

    About Hale’s Ales

    When Mike Hale, founder and president of Hale’s Ales, made the statement “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing,” he meant it. Hale has remained true to this philosophy since the beginning of Hale’s Ales almost 25 years ago, and has committed to brewing nothing but the best quality, hand-crafted ales in the Northwest.

    The vision of Hale’s Ales began in 1982 while Mike Hale spent a year bicycling among the small villages of southern England. In the course of his travels he developed a great appreciation for the traditionally brewed ales of England’s small breweries. It was then that he conceived the idea of opening a brewery in his home state of Washington to produce the kinds of ales he had come to love in England. Determined to learn the classical methods of English brewers, Hale sought out the very same small village breweries that had inspired him, in particular GALE’S BREWERY in Horndean England, and spent several months learning their trade and techniques.

    After returning to the states, Hale established his first brewery in Colville, Washington. On Independence Day, 1983 Hale’s Ales released its flagship beer, Hale’s Pale American Ale, the first microbrewed pale ale in the Northwest and a top selling ale in this region ever since. [more]

    About the Photo’s Author

    Paul Gibson originally hails from Carlsbad, New Mexico, so it’s no wonder he prefers the Northwest’s cooler temperatures and its vast selection of hoppy delicious beers. As a kid, he first started taking photos with an Instamatic of his friends on their BMX bikes. Now he takes photos of beer, breweries and on occasion street photography, events and concerts—minus the Instamatic. You can see more of his photos on Flickr ( ).

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