Brewery News: WA: 10/31 Undead Marriage at Lazy Boy Brewing

image of Lazy Boy owner Shawn Loring, courtesy of our Flickr page This question goes out to all the married types, who can recall their most memorable marriage. Do you remember your wedding day or night?

If this was hopefully your first, congratulations. To the rest, sorry this didn’t work out the first time around. For most of the population, your first time putting that metal band on that finger is memorable.

For this writer we can still recall the kilt, the dress, the rings, the cake, and the many guests that witnessed the union between two people. Which is why we are happy to announce a unique (and assumed private) event that Lazy Boy Brewing is hosting.

With the theme of zombies and the marriage being held on Halloween, owner Shawn Loring couldn’t resist confirming a planned wedding in their brewery.

Details are pretty mum. But we what do know is that L.B. tasting room regulars Justin & Nikki are getting married on the brew deck, this Halloween 2012.

Judging by the theme alone this will be a unique and memorable wedding for both Justin, Nikki, and the Lazy Boy staff.


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