Brewery News: Returning the Favor: Ninkasi’s Morgan Miller

Hey Morgan, I hope you don't mind I borrowed this from facebook!

It’s nearly the end of October and already many of us are heavily medicated against all the political ads. If it isn’t a candidate reaching out for your vote, then it’s a school, firehouse, or other public institution that is asking for your “assistance”. We can assure you that this isn’t a political discussion. Lord knows many of us have third degree burns from all the fire and brimstone portrayed on the screen.

Instead I am taking a break from mentioning a new beer or event, to discuss a friend in the industry.

His name is Morgan Miller. And although he doesn’t have a recognized name like Tomme Arthur, Greg Koch, Bill Jenkins, or even Rob (or Kurt) Widmer; he is someone deserving of our attention.

Morgan to those that know him, is a lifetime resident of the Rose City. He is also an employee of Ninkasi Brewing.

What that means is that when you see a poster, a stacked beer demonstration in a grocery store, or hear about a local band being promoted; Morgan is probably lurking in the shadows, putting it all together.

Which is why I, along with many others, are asking for you to help him starting this week.

You see Morgan recently was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition, which required Mitral Valve surgery. While open heart surgery inspires recollection of  a scene out of Grey’s Anatomy or House, it isn’t without its reality. In this case he will be out of commission for a few days while he rests in a hospital, post-surgery. Tack on a few more months of rest at home and you have the makings of one hell of a ‘forced’ vacation.

So what the hell does that have to with me? Answer is pretty obvious, unless you were comprised of evil, soulless, intent; help Morgan.

All you have to do is visit this site and either donate money to his temporary sedentary lifestyle or donate your personal time, as you deliver meals to his house.

Please click above or below and donate your time or money to Morgan’s recovery.

Hey Morgan! Get well soon!


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