Pairing Preview: OR: 9/12 Lompoc Brewing’s “Sidebar” hosts a cheese pairing

Need any more excuses to get the heck out of the house? How about a trip to Lompoc Brewing’s Sidebar (3901 North Williams Avenue Portland, OR)?

This coming Wednesday you are invited to meet with Steve Jones of The Cheese Bar as he and Lompoc brewer Bryan Keilty chat about what makes Lompoc beers so good with a chunk of Cow, Sheep, or Goat.

The pairing starts at 7 and runs through 9. For $12 you get four cheese & beer pairings. Below is a breakdown of the menu.

  • Cherry Christmas with Samish Bay Fresh Ladysmith (Organic Cow, WA). Cherry Christmas is a blend of four different beers: Golden Ale fermented in stainless steel with sour cherries, Golden Ale fermented in Port barrels with sour cherries, Brown Ale inoculated with a Lambic blend yeast aged in Merlot barrels for four years, and a two-year-old Gueze. 5% ABV
  • Cherry Bomb with Uniekaas Vintage Grand Ewe (Sheep, Holland). Cherry Bomb is Lompoc’s Proletariat Red fermented in Maryhill Winery Port barrels with 40 pounds of sour cherries. It has a big cherry aroma with a fruit forward flavor and finishing dry with a touch of oak. 6.2% ABV
  • Red Raisin with Baley Hazen Jasper Hill (Cow, VT). Red Raisin is Lompoc’s Proletariat Red aged for three years in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels with 35 pounds of sour cherries. It has an aroma of oak with flavors of cherry and raisins finishing tart with a hint of vanilla. 6.2%  ABV
  • Cherry Porter with Ferns Edge Mt. Zion (Raw Goat, OR). Cherry Porter was brewed in July 2009 and aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels with 35 pounds of sour cherries for almost three years. It is pitch black in color with an aroma of tobacco and leather.  It has flavors of chocolate, oak, and cherry finishing with a slight sourness. 7.5% ABV 

If you are one who forgoes ‘pairings’ then you can sip on Oktoberfest or Stargell Stars India Pale Ale

Brewery Description

  • Oktoberfest, a lager that is pale orange in color with a clean malt flavor balanced by a touch of Perle hops. A portion of the grain used was roasted in the oven at Lompoc’s Fifth Quadrant, giving a slight biscuit flavor. 5% ABV
  • Stargell Stars IPA, named in honor of Pittsburgh Pirate great Willie Stargell. It has a golden–orange hue with slight back of the throat bitterness. It was dry hopped in the fermenter with Saaz hops giving of a spicy, coriander flavor and aroma. 5.5% ABV

Wednesday September 12th, 2012 7pm - 9pm
Lompoc Brewing’s Sidebar & The Cheese Bar pair up
3901A North Williams Avenue Portland, OR


About Lompoc Brewery

The New Old Lompoc opened on May 6th, 2000. The Old Lompoc Brewery (as it was formerly known) has been producing handcrafted ales and lagers since December 1996, while the tavern has been open since 1993.

The New Old Lompoc features a 6 bbl brewhouse that annually produces around 800 bbls.  In 2005 the Fifth Quadrant opened with a 7 bbl brewhouse and upgraded to a 15 bbl brewhouse in March 2011 to keep up with added demand from outside draft accounts and bottle sales.

The New Old Lompoc brewery serves both New Old Lompoc and Oaks Bottom Public House with some seasonal beers going to better beer bars and festivals around Portland. The Fifth Quadrant brewery produces all the beer, both bottles and draft, distributed by our distributor Maletis Beverage as well as providing beer to both the Fifth Quadrant and Hedge House pubs.

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