Festival Preview: WA: 9/8 Cider Summit returns to Seattle from 11 AM – 7 PM

image courtesy of our Flickr page It’s Wednesday September the 5th and you know what that means. Known to laborers as ‘hump day’ Wednesday is also the very day where we sit down and promote another worth while event. This time around we want to remind you of the Cider Summit, returning to Seattle this Saturday.

So what the heck is Cider Summit and will I get my picture taken with Obama or Romney? The answer to that is good question and no the POTUS or Mr. Romney will be in attendance.

Cider Summit is a gentle reminder to all hop heads, wine glass-swirlers, or cocktail lovers; that there is something else out there there to ‘buzz’ about. Started in 2011 as a celebration of a newly emerging style of fermented beverage. Cider Summit celebrate Hard Cider or as we like to call it, Cider.

But this isn’t your run of the mill long-forgotten carton of Tree Top or Welches from concentrate. Instead Cider can be summed up as an enjoyable fruit-based low-alcohol beverage.

Still don’t understand what we are saying? Can’t really say I blame you given how vaguely written this article has been written so far. But then again we are hoping that you will shake that confused look off your face and head over to Cider Summit this Saturday, from 11 to 7.

Before you get in your car or take the bus to Seattle here are some simple details.

Location? In Seattle Discovery Park, off 101 Westlake Avenue North and near the Whole Foods Market. Cost? $20 in advance or $25 (Cash-only) at the gate. Cost includes? 10 drink tokens or roughly 30 ounces worth of samples. Regarding samples. If you wish you can get either a 3 or 6 ounce pour, provided you pay double for the 6 ounce taste. Only 10 tastes? Technically you can buy more if you like via the nearby ticket booths for around $2 per taste.

Don’t forget the food and the other sponsors of this event as Tom Douglas’ Brave Horse Tavern & Umpqua Bank pitched in some money. While Whole Foods supplied some food (for purchase) during the event.

But before we let you see the list we have one piece of festival ‘stuff’ to mention, LIVE music (from 12 – 6), courtesy of Mike Horsfall (Vibist, from Tall Jazz), Alan Hager (multi award-winning guitarist and vocalist), Jim Miller (award-winning bassist and vocalist).

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Table 1 2 Towns Ciderhouse from OR

  • InCider
  • Bad Apple
  • Made Marion
  • Pearadise

Table 2 Traditions Ciderworks from OR

  • Afton Field
  • Bourbon Barrel 2011
  • Amity Rose 2011

Table 3 Alpenfire from WA

  • Pirates Plank Organic
  • Ember Organic Bittersweet
  • Spark Semi-Sweet

Table 4 Aspall from the United Kingdom

  • Dry
  • Demi-Sec
  • Organic
  • Blush
  • Imperial
  • Cuvee Chevallier

Table 5 featuring International Selections

  • Dupont Cidre Bouche Brut from FR
  • Clos de Normand from FR
  • Sarasola from Spain
  • Dragon's Head Semi Dry from WA
  • Farnum Hill Farmhouse from NH
  • Farnum Hill Semi Dry from NH

Table 6 Blue Mountain from OR

  • Dry Creek Hard Apple Cider
  • Cherry Hard Apple Cider
  • Eden Ridge Hard Cider

Table 7 Carlton from OR

  • Newtown Pippen
  • Citizen
  • Cherry Perry
  • Carry Nation

Table 8 Crispin/Fox Barrel from CA

  • The Saint
  • Honey Crisp
  • Rhubarb & Elderberry
  • Ginger & Blackcurrant

Table 9 Eaglemount from WA

  • Ginger Cider
  • Raspberry Cider
  • Cyser

Table EZ Orchards 10 from OR

  • 2010 Cidre
  • 2011 Cidre

Table 11 Finnriver from WA

  • Fire Barrel
  • Artisan Sparkling
  • Dry Hopped Cider
  • Black Currant Cider
  • Pear Cider
  • Spirited Apple Wine(18.5%)
  • Black Currant w/apple brandy

Table 12 Methow Valley Ciderhouse

  • Eagle Screechin' Scrumpy
  • Pinnacle Goat
  • Howling Wolf
  • Honey Bear

Table 13 “Orchard Gate”

  • JK's Scrumpy from MI
  • Eden Ice Cider from VT
  • Thistly Cross from Scotland

Table 14 Samuel Smith from the UK

Table 15 Sea Cider from BC

  • Kings & Spies
  • Pippins
  • Rum Runner
  • Wild English

16 Snowdrift from WA

  • Dry Cider
  • Cidermaker's Reserve
  • Perry
  • Orchard Select
  • Cliffbreaks Blend

17 Wandering Aengus & Anthem Cider from OR

  • Wandering Aengus Oaked Dry Cider
  • Wandering Aengus Golden Russet
  • Wandering Aengus Wickson
  • Wandering Aengus Wanderlust
  • Wandering Aengus Bloom
  • Anthem Cider
  • Anthem Pear
  • Anthem Cherry
  • Anthem Hops

Table 18 Westons from the UK

  • Extra Dry
  • Special Reserve
  • Old Rosie Cloudy Scrumpy
  • Stowford Press Export

Table 19 Woodchuck Hard Cider from VT

  • Farmhouse Select Original 91
  • Private Reserve Ginger
  • Fall Limited Release

Table 20 Tieton Cider Works from WA

  • Tieton Blend
  • Wild Washington Apple
  • YV Dry-Hopped
  • Tieton Frost
  • Apricot
  • Cherry

We almost forgot. This isn’t your run of the mill festival. Believe it or not, this festival benefits two worth organizations.

The first is the Institute for Myeloma & Bone Cancer Research.

Debilitating and painful, myeloma and bone cancer are two of the fastest growing diseases in the world. Over one million patients are afflicted with these cancers in the United States alone. And, since breast, prostate and lung cancers often metastasize into bone; these conditions are expected to become even more common in the future.

Now more than ever the Institute for Myeloma & Bone Cancer Research sees a vital need to focus an independent research effort to develop more effective therapies to improve the quality of life and longevity of patients with these catastrophic diseases. IMBCR president, Dr. James R. Berenson, has spent 28 years working closely on myeloma and bone cancer, and has been privileged to influence the advancement of treatment. This vast experience provides the cornerstone for The Institute for Myeloma & Bone Cancer Research and our dedication to this specific and crucial mission.

IMBCR has assembled a renowned team of expert scientists who are dedicated to our research mission. Along with Dr. Berenson, Dr. Haiming Chen, directs the lab team continuing to lead the way to innovative therapies. With a high-level of understanding of these diseases, our expert team focuses on new and promising therapeutic approaches to help lengthen lives and relieve symptoms for patients. This makes our team unique in the world for having the ability to lead the science to revolutionize treatments, and hopefully someday, discover a cure.

The Institute for Myeloma & Bone Cancer Research believes that there are key scientific areas in need of additional research effort, many of which are not being fully investigated by other laboratories or institutes. These include the following:

And the second? The second is the Northwest Cider Association.

The Northwest Cider Association is a trade organization formed by cider producers throughout the Pacific Northwest in order to promote awareness of regional artisanal ciders among the public. The organization has sponsored classes and events, and created new cider-themed events, including an annual cider maker’s dinner, the Northwest Cider Festival, and Northwest Cider Week, a shared promotion of cider-themed menus, pairings and tasting events at numerous restaurants and retailers.

You’ll find member cideries in Oregon, Washington, Montana and Canada.  Memberships are also available to individual cider fans, as well as retail shops, restaurants and beverage distributors

Stop reading and gather up some pocket change or click on the link (all the way at the top) and get yourself tickets to the Cider Summit this Saturday from 11 AM to 7 PM.


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