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Festival Preview: WA: 9/22 Redhook Ales hosts SausageFest. No joke intended.

N.W. Beer GuideComment

Seems this writer has been slacking off (again) when it comes to promoting all things Northwest. To get things started we wanted to remind you about an event out in Woodinville.

Located near the Marymoor Park Trail, Redhook Ales & Forecaster’s Pub has been feeding and inspiring Woodinville visitors and residents for over 10 years. Then again if you are reading this story we aren’t telling you anything new.

What is new is the return of the Brewery’s meat festival dubbed Sausagefest. And yes we are well aware of the fact that a. you couldn’t stop yourself from turning 19 again and b. recalling a name for a bar filled with mostly men.

Seriously this event is unique in that it promotes meat, more meat, a little bit of music, and beer. For those brave enough to suffer temporary tinnitus while listening to screaming guitars and body-shaking bass solos, we are happy to mention Cold War Kids, Portugal,  The Man, and Black Whales.

Tickets are still on sale, for this 21 and over event, for only $25 online at http://www.ticketfly.com. Or if you are feeling paranoid ($35) at Forecasters Pub near the Redhook Brewery.

With the prospect of nice weather in the area, I think it’s clear where you will be.

Saturday September 22nd, 2012 2:00 PM – ?
Redhook Ales presents Sausage Fest
14300 NE 145th Street Woodinville, WA 98072


About the Bands

  • Cold War Kids, a soulful, blues-influenced indie rock band from Long Beach, Calif.
  • Portugal. The Man, a progressive indie rock group from Portland, Ore.
  • Seattle-based rock band Black Whales
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