Industry News: Now in Kickstarter: Hop in the Saddle, your guide to bikes, beer, and pub crawling

Don’t drink and drive! Sounds simple enough right? The fact is many don’t listen to this warning, either out of concern about getting home quickly or the cost of a taxi and (potentially) a parking ticket. Or you can be like many in PDX (Portland to those not from the Rose City) who choose to ride their bikes, take a stroll, or use another form of transportation other than your own automobile.

True it is technically possible to get a DUI while riding a bicycle which is why we won’t condone biking under the influence as an alternative to weaving around in 2 Tons of steel. But what if you were able to remain sober (or semi-sober) while cruising around Portland?

That answer is coming soon, assuming that you lend a struggling author some change. Yep, another Kickstarter notice has bashed its way through this writer’s synapses. So we wanted to invite you to swing over to Lucy Burningham and Ellee Thalheimer’s book centered on biking and beer. More specifically biking around Portland, while enjoying some awesome beers.

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Hop in the Saddle “… a guide to Portland's craft beer scene, by bike.”

About the Book

Our guidebook unites two of Portland’s greatest passions: craft beer and bicycles. It doesn't get more Portland than this. Hop in the Saddle links the best PDX beer spots with the city’s first-class cycling boulevards and bike-friendly streets. We've included all the quirky bike charm and bubbling personality that makes Portland a world-class beer and bike city. Instead of ho-hum ale trail standbys, we've picked the spots that have defined a craft brew movement. Think innovative beers, seriously great food and ambiance that won't quit. Our routes and words are beautifully brought to life by Portland designer Laura Cary. This is one book you'll be proud to throw down on the bar.


Covering Portland’s food and drink scene for the past seven years has inspired nationally-published beer writer Lucy Burningham to form some, ahem, strong opinions about what really deserves to be sipped, supped and discussed in this town. That’s why Hop in the Saddle only includes the best of the best, from the city’s most intimate tasting rooms and knowledgeable beer sommeliers to innovative brewers and top-notch cheesemongers.Whether you’re interested in drinking beer straight from the barrel, knowing which of the city’s top chefs secretly cellar beer or loading up your bike some rare bottles, Lucy pours a strong brew of insider info.


What connects Lucy’s favorite finds? Stellar bike routes in each of the city’s five quadrants, complete with detailed maps and cue sheets, created by cycling guidebook author Ellee Thalheimer. You won’t find carefully tailored cycling routes like these anywhere else. Along the way Ellee reveals the history of Portland's bicycle corridors, the people who deserve your hellos at the local cargo bike boutique and dozens of other elements of the city's fine cycling infrastructure, including bike corrals and other PDX bike jazz.

Each route is accompanied by a "bike nerd" route extension option that transforms a neighborhood tootle into a bona fide, sweaty bike ride. These routes, which come in various levels of difficulty, tour iconic Portland places, from the picturesque berry farms of Sauvie Island to the city’s dormant volcanoes. 


We spent a lot of time scheming to create rewards that would be locally produced while embodying the vivacious spirit of the beer/bike union. Let's be honest. We're proud of this stuff. But more importantly, we'd be proud if you simply supported Hop in the Saddle. We can't do this alone. Please make a pledge to support our book.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. On top of helping two women fulfill the dream of authorship, you get to wake up in the morning knowing you helped bring about change in the world.


Who the heck are Lucy and Laura?

Hi. We're three proud Portland denizens who love beer and bikes. Our paths crossed in all of the wheeled, hoppy ways you might imagine: Laura and Ellee were cyclocross competitors. Lucy and Ellee met, with beer bottles in hand, at a backyard potluck of fellow local Lonely Planet authors. Over the years we've done everything from bike tour through hop farms to organize Pedalpalooza rides, but we like to think we've simply been training for this project. Last fall, Lucy and Ellee started tossing around the idea of writing a guide to Portland's beer scene by bike, and asked Laura if she'd bring the book to life with her design prowess. "Hells yes," was the answer.

Since then, our progress can be measured in beer consumed and miles ridden. We've dissected Portland's food and beer scene through sheer pedal power, and we're honored to share what we've found. This is still a work in progress: a collection of notes, including one ode to hop aromas; photos of taps, bike mechanics and burgers; plus cue sheet mileage numbers and piles of menus. Ultimately, we hope you're as excited as we are about bringing this project to life.

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