image courtesy of Dor & Bob's flickr page. Go there now.Raise your hand if you already have something planned for Monday night in the Puget Sound. No? We thought so.

This Monday, Latona will be hosting another in their brewers nights, to celebrate their 25th Anniversary in Seattle.

This time around the boys (and girls) will be hosting local favorite Naked City & Hood River native, Double Mountain. A tentative list isn’t available. But if we know Charlie & Don it will be a combination well-known and rare beers

Monday July 16th, 2012 6:00 PM (suggested arrival time) 8:00 PM (206) 525-2238
Latona Pub celebrates 25th year with Double Mountain & Naked City
6423 Latona Avenue Northeast Seattle, WA 98115


About Latona Pub

We have a mission here at the three pubs: to introduce you to some of the best beers in the world. In our opinion, this means that the beer brewed in our own backyard is created by some of the most talented, creative people in the world. Certainly some fine beers are imported, but often that beer doesn’t receive the care it needs during its travels. At our pubs, we want to present to you the closest thing to what the brewers create. We take care of the beer we pour so that you will have a fresh and wonderful experience. [more] –source, Latona Pub

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