Festival Preview Pushpin: WA: 6/9 Beveridge Place Pub hosts a taste-off, San Diego, CA versus Washington 3pm – 5pm

Listen up all you fan-boys (and fan-girls) of California’s beer scene, Beveridge Place is throwing down the gauntlet, on behalf of Washington breweries, that WA is better than CA.

Starting at 3PM this Saturday, you are invited to check into West Seattle’s Beveridge Place Pub to sample from four categories of beers, poured without labels.

Should you choose to accept this challenge you will be charged with determining which is the better beer and which brewery made that beer.

We picked four beers from each area to taste side-by-side. Port Wipeout & Georgetown Lucille IPAs; Green Flash & Schooner Exact Imperial IPAs; Stone & Big Al Smoked Porters; Lost Abbey Carnevale & Elysian Yuzu Saisons. See if you can guess which is which and vote on your favorite! Prizes, too - including tickets to the Seattle International Beerfest!

Look out for prizes during the event, including tickets to this years Seattle International Beer festival.

Saturday June 9th, 2012 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
San Diego versus Seattle Beer Tasting
6413 California Avenue Southwest  Seattle, WA 98136


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