Event Planner Pushpin: OR: 6/6 Lompoc / Migration releases Awry Wit at Sidebar 4PM - 10PM

image of Lompoc Imperial C-Note courtesy of Matt Wiater's Flickr page A quick note regarding Wednesday June 6th, Lompoc is releasing a Wit.

image of Migration Brewer Mike Branes sourced from Rogue Ales' flickr pageNamed Awry Wit, this beer is a collaboration between and Migration Brewery. So stop into Lompoc’s Sidebar location on 3901A N Williams Avenue. The party starts at 4 and is scheduled to run thru 10 PM.

About Lompoc / Migration Breweries’ collaboration beer Awry Wit

We used European Pilsner malt as a base along with about 20% rye malt in the grist. Featured hops included Perle, Santiam and Mt. Hood, plus we added grapefruit zest and crushed coriander to the kettle at the end of boil. The beer was then fermented with three yeast strains: two Belgian wit strains and our house 1056 ale yeast. This beer is pale straw in color and has a floral nose of citrus with light fruit hints and a spicy dry finish. 5.6% ABV, 26 IBU.


About Lompoc Brewery

The New Old Lompoc opened on May 6th, 2000. The Old Lompoc Brewery (as it was formerly known) has been producing handcrafted ales and lagers since December 1996, while the tavern has been open since 1993.

The New Old Lompoc features a 6 bbl brewhouse that annually produces around 800 bbls.  In 2005 the Fifth Quadrant opened with a 7 bbl brewhouse and upgraded to a 15 bbl brewhouse in March 2011 to keep up with added demand from outside draft accounts and bottle sales.

The New Old Lompoc brewery serves both New Old Lompoc and Oaks Bottom Public House with some seasonal beers going to better beer bars and festivals around Portland. The Fifth Quadrant brewery produces all the beer, both bottles and draft, distributed by our distributor Maletis Beverage as well as providing beer to both the Fifth Quadrant and Hedge House pubs.

About Migration Brewery

Migration Brewing is the story of four guys coming together to follow a passion for beer.  Since the fall of 2008 we have put everything we have into making our dream a reality and have been brewing in northeast Portland since 2010.  We believe in sweat equity and doing it yourself.  We live for sunny days on the patio.  We are independent. We measure success one pint at a time.  We give back.  We love our neighborhood and city.  We independently distribute our beer because that’s how we want to do it. Some of us are from here, some of us aren’t.  We believe in the power of beer, people and chasing dreams.  We believe that great beer makes the journey.

About the photo’s author
"Matt Wiater is a photographer covering the Portland beer scene for portlandbeer.org."

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