Brewery News Pushpin: WA: Hale’s Ales need volunteers for the June Brewers Festival

Looking over email this was spotted and we thought we would let people know that Hale’s Ales is looking for people (21 and over) to assist with pouring beer.

Shifts include Saturday June 16th (10:30 AM & 4:00 PM) and Sunday June 17th (10:30 AM to 2:30 PM). Each shift is 6 hours and afterwards you will be issued a free taster glass and tokens.

Details from the brewery

2  pourers are needed to staff the Hale's booth …

Volunteers will earn admission to the event, beer tokens, a parking pass and the opportunity to enjoy a great day of beer AFTER THE SHIFT.  Drinking before or during the shift is strickly prohibited.

If interested contact the brewery or (206) 706-1544.


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