Brewery News: ID: Bogus Brewery. Invest on Kickstarter by 6/29!

Raise your hand if you haven’t heard of Kickstarter? Ok, so maybe there are a few of you out there who haven’t heard of this interesting spin on fundraising. For those that haven’t here’s what Kickstarter has to say about it’s program.

Ever walk by someone in need and say “sorry, I don’t have any spare change”? Or when was the last time you visit the March of Dimes or American Lung Association? Didn’t think so.

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects — everything from traditional forms of art (like theater and music) to contemporary forms (like design and games). These guidelines explain Kickstarter’s focus. Projects violating these guidelines will not be allowed to launch.

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Ok, so still with us? Good. Which means you are probably asking what the heck this has to do with beer. Simple answer really, Bogus Brewery. Now this isn’t the first brewery in the Northwest to ask you give up some of your coin. In fact there are five others listed on Kickstarter’s website.

There are some successful ones like Natian Brewery (Portland) or Reuben’s Brews (Seattle) and unsuccessful ones (but we won’t name them).

For starters here’s the video associated with Bogus Brewery.

About Bogus Brewery’s endeavors on Kickstarter

Community Supported Brewing

Bogus Brewing is getting its start by going grass-roots and we're looking for your support. We will be a small brewery, likely located in Garden City, Idaho and we'll be doing things in a way that's never been done around here. Here's how:

The Concept

Bogus Brewing is Idaho's first Community Supported Brewery (CSB). Community Supported Brewing offers people the opportunity to purchase a "share" in their local brewery. This entitles you to a new batch of beer that is hand-crafted specifically for our members - every month. Not only are you getting your beer directly from your local brewery, it opens a dialogue between the brewer and the members. The path from farm to pint glass has never been shorter.

We also want to support local farms and businesses. From using local ingredients like honey and fruit, to donating our spent grains to area farmers, we want to be an important part of the community.

As an added bonus you will be added to one of the following groups. Community Supporter, Member of 1 free brewery tour,  window decal & button owner, t-shirt wearer, mug club member, guinea pig, cycling jersey wearer, and many more.

Did we mention the beer they have planned for this brewery? Look for beers like Down-Down Pale Ale, Hard Guy Saison, or Hip Check Rye India Pale Ale; to litter the landscape in the (anticipated) coming months.

Now we could copy/paste the entire contents of the Kickstarter page associated with Bogus Brewery. But this would defeat the purpose of getting you hooked. So instead we’re attaching a big link at the bottom of this page.

Please help make this brewery a reality in Boise. Idaho needs more breweries anyway.


Bogus Brewery’s BIG OL’ Kickstarter Link

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