Event Planner: WA: 5/25 By the Bottle hosts Bison Brewing’s Dan Del Grande & Ashley “Beer Wench” Rouston

image of Bison Brewing Chocolate Stout courtesy of Kyle Roth's Flickr pageThe calendar says Wednesday May 23rd but that doesn’t mean you can’t live it up this coming Friday. Either in Washington or across the Columbia River in PDX, we want to remind you that Bison Brewing is coming to town.

To most Bison Brewing is another brewery with its India Pale Ale, Chocolate Stout, or Basil Honey. But what many people seem to forget is that the brewery was one of the few along the West coast to go Organic.

If this isn’t enough to get you interested then congratulating Bison Brewing Rep. (and craft beer writer) Ashley Rouston on her recent marriage to … BREWPUBLIC’s founder Angelo De Ieso, then nothing will. That’s right, Angelo is leaving the Northwest for the warmer climate of California and Berkely.

Now is the time to get your all questions answered about beer cocktails, organic brewing, the California beer scene, and marrying our own Angelo De Ieso! Angelo will be attending with Ashley, ready for your good bye hugs and to cheers with everyone before his big move.

Current scheduled tasting menu for Friday May 25th, 2012

  • IPA: Bison's Organic IPA is a medium-bodied ale characterized by a citrus, pine and slightly grassy aroma with a moderately bitter, refreshingly crisp flavor and a clean, dry finish. 6% abv.
  • Chocolate Stout: Bison's Chocolate Stout is a medium-bodied ale characterized by rich cocoa and roasted malt aromas, charismatic flavors of dark chocolate and espresso, a creamy mouthfeel and smooth, dry finish. 5% abv.
  • Basil Honey: Bison's Organic Honey Basil Ale a light-bodied ale, infused with organic clover honey & fresh, whole leaf organic basil, lending a floral and slightly herbal aroma, a hint of sweetness and mild basil after taste.

Friday May 25th, 2012 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Bison Brewing tasting feat. Dan del Grande & the Beer Wench at By the Bottle
104 West Evergreen Boulevard  Vancouver, WA 98660

Congrats to Angelo & Ashley on their recent marriage and god speed to our friend on his move to Berkley, CA.


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