Beer Review: Samuel Adams Cinder Bock Rauch Bock, Is A Should Try

image of Cinder Bock courtesy of our Flickr page Now that it’s time to start putting away the long sleeve shirts, the long johns, and the parkas; we wanted to also discuss the outdoors. For most that entails a tent, sleeping bag, and some food packed up. Top the night off with a warm camp fire and some beers and you have the making of a great getaway.

Because of this we wanted to discuss another beer from Boston Beer, Cinder Bock Rauch Bock. Think of Cinder Bock as that beer you were meant to consume in front an alder fed camp fire.

Brewery Description

Smoky and rich this brew begins with a rush of smoky, almost savory, aromas and flavors.  The distinctive campfire smokiness of a rauchbier lingers and begins to reveal the rich and velvety malt smoothness of a double bock with notes of toffee and caramel.  This roguish brew transforms from its bold start to a hearty and satisfying finish.

The inspiration for this unique brew was a combination of two traditional and bold German lagers.  The first was a rauchbier, whose name translates to smoke beer.  We had long loved these unique brews that we had come across during trips to Germany.  This style originated in Bamberg, Franconia in the 1500s.  Its distinctive character comes from smoking the malts.  Originally almost all malt had this smoky quality from the wood used in the kilning process.  The flavor fell away as brewers switched to a smoke free kiln to dry the malt but in Bamberg, they kept the flavor alive in several of their beer styles.  The smoked malt gives the beer a campfire smoke and almost bacony quality.

Our Thoughts.
You Should Try This. We’re excited about the prospect of this beer coming back. All too frequently a smoked beer shows up on the shelves. And just as quickly it's gone. Feeling peckish? We suggest having this with smoked meats (natch), german-influenced entrees, or even salmon. Still not enough? Try this with some pepper jack cheese, sharp blue cheese, or a reliable stand by in Cheddar.

image of Cinder Bock courtesy of our Flickr page Cinder Bock from its 1 pint 6 ounce bottle (aka 22 ounce bomber) produces a strong two inch cap of head, that rests on top of a clear, burgundy, ocean. Warming up over time the head dissipates leaving behind noticeable violated curtains lace.

Taking the first sniff gives us the impression of burned caramel, before the expected elements of smoked come through. Overall the aroma is reminiscent of wood smoked bacon, in front of a campfire.

Taking the initiative to consume a modest sip, we pick up notes of caramel, mild hop bitterness, before a hint of alcohol pulls through. Overall Cinder Bock Rauch Bock has a medium weight as it rests on the tongue and there is some residual stickiness.

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About the photo’s author
Paul “Fruit Trees” Orchard, is an amateur craft beer enthusiast and amateur photographer. Throughout the many years in craft beer he is always carrying a camera (smartphone, digital, traditional) and is invites you to see that beer can also be exciting even if you can’t drink the photo.

In accordance with new FTC regulations regarding bloggers and endorsements, the aforementioned company has provided me a free sample that was used for research prior to writing this review.

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