Event Planner: WA: Foggy Noggin Brewing turns 2 this Saturday, 3/17 from 1pm to 4pm

Been watching the business reports lately? Yeah, me neither. But every once in a while I hear about the improving employment outlook, consumer confidence, and … blah, blah, blah.

Seems the economy is getting better. But it was only a few year’s ago that people were talking about how bad the job outlook was. And It was only a few year’s ago when people started going into business for themselves. Coincidently around this time there was a glut of alcohol-related applications being submitted with the intent to brew beer.

Jim Jamison was one of those applicants when he started Foggy Noggin Brewing.

Which is why we are happy to remind you guys about a special event this Saturday in Bothell.

Starting at 1:00 PM, at a location that can only be described as ‘a man’s garage’, Foggy Noggin Brewing is celebrating their second year.

True there are hundreds of breweries that make an Scottish-style Ale, a Brown; or English-style Porter. But how many use yeast with immediate roots in Great Britain? How many breweries provide a solid Porter, when the rest of the region screams for an India Pale Ale?

Which is why we want to celebrate a brewery that refused to empty a dump truck of hops into their beer.

Did we mention that it starts on Saturday March 12th from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM?

Saturday March 17th, 2012 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Foggy Noggin Anniversary #2
22329 53rd Avenue SE Bothell, WA 98021

If we had you at Saturday March 12th then you don’t need to be convinced to swing in to enjoy their Anniversary English-style Olde Ale.

As we did last year, we are releasing our 2012 Anniversary Ale (English Olde Ale) for this milestone. We are only releasing 38 cases of this beer, most will be sold directly from our tasting room. A few selected bottle shops will be offered a case each of this beer. Limited kegs will be showing up at local beer events over the next several months too.

For the celebration, we will have one keg of our 2011 Anniversary on tap, in addition to this year's 2012 version. We may also have the 2012 version pouring on Nitro. We recently opened a bottle of the 2011 Anniversary and very excited on how well it has aged.

Plus we probably don’t need to tell you about guest food vendor The Jerk Station, for Authentic Caribbean sandwiches.

The Jerk Station is Seattle's First, Authentic Caribbean Food Truck. Classic flavors mixed with Caribreoso creativity, The Jerk Station is sure to provide you with a one of a kind eating experience.

They will be serving Jamaican patties - these are savory, flaky pastries filled with various fillings. They will have an assortment of beef, chicken, jerk pork and vegetable. The patties are about 5oz. each and easy to eat on the go and run $3.75 each.

They will also be serving one of their most popular sandwiches, Cuban Cheesesteak. It is a Caribbean variation of the Philly cheesesteak. The sandwich has fresh sliced rib eye seasoned with our house blend of Caribbean spices and coffee. It is accompanied by black bean mayo, a spicy olive salad and a blend of cheeses all piled on toasted bread and pressed like a Cuban sandwich. The Cuban cheesesteak is $9 and it includes an order of Caribreoso chips or sweet potato fries.

If none of the above has encouraged you to drive into the middle of nowhere for a pint of English-style Olde Ale paired with a Philly Cheesesteak then we can’t help you. For the rest of you, we say, thank you for paying your respect to Jim Jamison and the rest of the crew at Foggy Noggin Brewing.


About Foggy Noggin Brewery

We are brewers of great English Styled Ales on a very small 1/2 BBL system. We will soon be one of the world’s smallest production breweries. We take great pride in every batch to bring you consistent high quality brews year-round. While we get up and running, you will only be able to get our fresh beers at our tasting room, located at our brewery in Bothell, WA.[more]

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