Cider Review: J.K.’s Skrumpy Hard Cider Orchard Gate, Is A Should Buy

image of Orchard Gate Cider from J.K. Skrumpy courtesy of our Flickr page As an imbiber of various types of beer it’s easy to become complacent, when presented with a dizzying array of styles. Usually this writer remains loyal to the India Pale Ale or Imperial Porter / Imperial Stout. But there are times when it is helpful step away from the malt & hops and try something different.

For me that can often mean consuming something like a scotch, bourbon, or whiskey (or whisky if you prefer). And Then there those times when something on the lighter, fruitier side, is needed. For me that means Cider.

So it pleases me to continue to the discussion of Ciders by reviewing another in the long list of growing ciders.

Brewed in Michigan and distributed throughout the country, Orchard Gate from J.K.’s Skrumpy Cider is today’s likely choice and here’s why.

Cider Description

After the harvest, it is tradition at our farm to enjoy a large glass of cider. The pickers and I enjoy the Golden Cider at the Orchard Gate - the same as I did with my father and grandfather.

I strive to make the best cider possible using these old methods and the traditional family recipe. There will be slight variations from bottle to bottle and year to year. This is a natural product. The bottom line is that it could not be made anyplace else. It is reliant on the soil

Our Thoughts

You Should Buy This. Served up with savory cheese, a chicken pot pie, or by itself; Orchard Gate from J.K.’s Skrumpy Hard Cider is definitely a Cider to enjoy while the Winter chill floats in the air.

Tasting Notes

image of Orchard Gate Cider from J.K. Skrumpy courtesy of our Flickr pageJ.K.’s Skrumpy Hard Cider Orchard Gate is a pale yellow cider that produces a chili haze of clarity. Resting in the glass before warming up to match the room temperature the beer doesn’t produce much in the way of foamy head. However one does get some visual evidence of carbonation as dots of lace rest on the surface.

Swirling the glass around reveals notes of honey, tart green apples, as well as some phenol character.

Taking that first sip invites you to recall bits of tartness inter played with sweet apples. Further sampling reveals bits of breadiness that might be expected from a Cider. Overall Orchard Gate has a medium to strong weight to it as it rests on the tongue and there is a definite creaminess that might be perceived as cloying.

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