Brewery Night: WA: Latona’s 25th anniversary continues with Black Raven 3/19. Starting at 6 PM

image courtesy of Dor & Bob's flickr page. Go there now. If you haven’t been visiting Latona these past few months then you have no idea it’s their 25th Anniversary. Since 1987, the Latona Pub has supported craft beer through it’s dedication to provide local and regional beers for people to discover and enjoy. Recognizing their achievement, the pub is hosting a brewery each month, leading up to their big party.

This month the pub is welcoming Black Raven Brewing this Monday night. Besides their (Black Raven) signature beers, the brewery will be bringing Extra Special Pepper. Brewed specifically for Latona, we can’t for sure tell you what it is. Instead we invite you to show up and try it for yourself.

The party get’s started around 8. But we are advising you to show up early to get a good seat before the brewery shows up.

Congratulations to Bob Brenlin & the entire staff of Latona Pub.

Monday March 18th, 2012 6:00 PM (suggested arrival time) 8:00 PM (206) 525-2238
Latona Pub celebrates 25th year with Black Raven Night
6423 Latona Avenue Northeast Seattle, WA 98115


About Latona Pub

We have a mission here at the three pubs: to introduce you to some of the best beers in the world. In our opinion, this means that the beer brewed in our own backyard is created by some of the most talented, creative people in the world. Certainly some fine beers are imported, but often that beer doesn’t receive the care it needs during its travels. At our pubs, we want to present to you the closest thing to what the brewers create. We take care of the beer we pour so that you will have a fresh and wonderful experience. [more] –source, Latona Pub

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