image of ECS No Equal Amber Lager courtesy of our Flickr page It’s soccer season in the Northwest. Heck it’s soccer pretty much all year round. Football as the EU calls it, has slowly become Northwest's pastime, given that both Portland & Seattle have professional soccer teams now.

Unfortunately with a sport like soccer comes the prospect of sponsorships deals. For the rest of the world, this is nothing new. But to the region we are more resided to seeing a sponsors name on the side of a bus or inside the stadium where we are screaming in.

Which is why we are happy to remind you that you could be drinking the very beer sponsoring tonight’s Seattle Sounders game. Redhook Ales No Equal Amber Lager is upon you and we have a bio and thoughts if you are interested.

Brewery Description

“The creation of No Equal Amber Lager was a partnership from start to finish,” continued Talley. “From selecting the final recipe to designing the label, the ECS was involved every step of the way, ensuring this beer would turn out just right for its supporters.”

Keith Hodo, ECS Co-President added “we were looking for a sessionable craft beer to drink before, during and after the game and we’re very excited about the beer Redhook and Jen created for us.”

Released under Redhook’s Blueline series, a limited release series brewed specifically for local distribution, No Equal Amber Lager, which comes in at 5.2% ABV and 30 IBUs, is a well-balanced beer with the perfect combination of rich malts and hop bitterness. The beer’s color comes from the generous use of Munich and Caramel malt, while its medium bitterness comes from the addition of noble hops.

image of ECS No Equal Amber Lager courtesy of our Flickr page Our Thoughts
You Should Try It. Whether at ‘insert corporate sponsor name’ Field, at the bar, or at home; No Equal Amber Lager deserves to be emptied into a pint, schooner, or stein while screaming at your Sounders. While you're at it, we advise using Redhook’s official beer of the Sounders as a lubricant, in between a brat complimented with sauerkraut.

No Equal Amber Lager pours dark with a strong clarity.  This beer produces a fair amount of off-white foamy head. Over time as the beer warms to the temperature of the room the beer loses most of its froth but leaves long fingers of lace within.

Warmed up there are noticeable bits of roasted barley, honey, minor citrus, and a hint of dairy in the nose.

Sipping one recalls notes of minor citrus, honey, roasted caramel, and some residual wheat. Overall No Equal Amber Lager has a medium to strong weight and the beer has a residual stickiness.

image of ECS No Equal Amber Lager courtesy of our Flickr page Thoughts by your Colleagues


In accordance with new FTC regulations regarding bloggers and endorsements, the aforementioned company has provided me a free sample that was used for research prior to writing this review.

About the photo’s author

Paul “Fruit Trees” Orchard, is an amateur craft beer enthusiast and amateur photographer. Throughout the many years in craft beer he is always carrying a camera (smartphone, digital, traditional) and is invites you to see that beer can also be exciting even if you can’t drink the photo.

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