Festival Review: WA: New Year Beer Festival: Location and No. of Breweries Ideal

Chalk this review up to too many embers in the fire but we finally are taking some time to recall our thoughts on the New Year Beer Festival.

Review originally written January 26th, 2012.

image of a taster glass from this year's New Year Beer Festival courtesy of the festival organizers & our Flickr page Last Sunday while walking in between rain drops and beer enthusiasts, we visited Bremerton for the 1st Annual New Year Beer Festival. Hosted at the Kitsap Conference Center just down the street from the Ferry Terminal, the festival featured over 15 different breweries and some 20+ beers. Anyone who attended this event enjoyed beers from Poulsbo, Silverdale, Bremerton, Gig Harbor, and even Lynwood (?).

For those of you living in Seattle (or close to the waterfront) the easiest (and quickest) route is taking the Bremerton Ferrry as a pedestrian (currently $7.50) during a one hour boat ride.

Starting with a visit to 7 Seas Brewing (Gig Harbor) we enjoyed a Port Royal Export Stout before moving onto the less familiar Battenkill India Pale Ale. As it turns out this was our first India Pale Ale from the brewery, that has limited distribution throughout the sound. If you are ever in the Poulsbo area you should call ahead and check them out.

Moving onto breweries like Sound with their Double India Pale we started to realize how relaxed the crowd was. Overall we estimated around 100 people were in attendance. And honestly it was welcome compared to various festivals that we have been to in the past. Moving onto beers from Slippery Pig, Valholl, and Der Blokken; we almost felt remorseful to not visiting Kitsap County more often.

But the festival wasn't just about beer as there was a couple of food vendors.  From small bites to beer infused chocolate there was an opportunity to learn what beer paired best with the food options offered inside. However if you weren't in the mood for small bite sandwiches or beer infused chocolate you could step outside to grab some fish and chip at Fritz European Fry House.

image of a taster glass from this year's New Year Beer Festival courtesy of the festival organizers & our Flickr page Soon we had our fill of both beers and number of laps performed as we moved from brewery table to brewery table. Boarding the ferry we reflected on our visit this year's New Year Beer Festival and have to admit we will be back.


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