How's your week been so far? Good? So-so? Well it's getting better, assuming you feel like drinking on a Saturday Afternoon.

It's that time again. Although that line wasn't used last year, it's appropriate this year.

Now in it's second year the Washington Beer Open House starts this Saturday from noon (12 PM) to 5:00 PM.  Featuring over 40 participating breweries, this might be the best weekend to happen to Washington since Seattle Beer Week.

So right now you're probably saying, yeah so? Here's the thing. Have you ever walked into a pub, alehouse, or restaurant and thought about what the brewery that made your beer must look like? Ok, but seriously, when is the last time you went on a 'beer tour'? If you answered never, then this is the perfect event for you. If you answered quite a while, even more reason to step away from the pint and see where the magic is made.

Participating breweries will have a wide variety of fun things happening during the five hour open house including finger food, full tours, brewer discussion, unique beer samples, growler sales, music and other surprises. Activities will vary at each brewery. -source, Washington Beer Commission

So here's the rub. There are some breweries participating that ordinarily would have their doors open to you anyway. However that doesn't mean they aren't doing something extra special, should you make the trip. So instead of playing favorites we are going to list the breweries that you shouldn't miss and then the ones that we will most likely be visiting.

We can't promise brewery tours at every location. But optimistically we would hope that each brewery would give their fans a wide open welcome.

Don't Miss!

  • 7 Seas Brewing, Gig Harbor. Sure they have a taproom. But how often have you wanted to walk down and take a look at those stainless steel beauties?
  • American Brewing, Edmonds. Skip Madsen has proven he’s an alchemist by winning medals wherever he brews. Someone can correct us on this one but we think stopping in and checking out the kettle is worth the trip.
  • Anacortes Brewery, Anacortes. Assuming the door is unlocked, it's not hard to just walk in and look at where Anacortes IPA, Scotch Ale, or Barleywine originates. And given that they are one of the further Northwest breweries in Washington, it might worth your time to pay them a visit.
  • Elliott Bay/Lake City, Seattle. If there was a true open house this would be the one. Opening their doors at their new facility for the first time ever. This is your chance to check out what will soon become Elliott Bay's third location in King County.
  • Hilliard’s Beer, Seattle. One of the first breweries who planned canned beers as part of their initial release into the market, this brewery is definitely one you should check out.
  • Icicle Brewing, Leavenworth. Once reported rumors are now a reality in Leavenworth. Sure the passes can be murder on the nerves. But that shouldn't deter you from making the trip to experience the first new brewery in Leavenworth since Leavenworth Brewing.
  • Mt. Tabor Brewing, Vancouver. Uniquely named because their brewery is named after a pile of earth in Oregon.
  • Maritime Pacific, Seattle. Not since Seattle Beer Week has anyone had a chance to set foot into the new brew house George Hancock built. Stop in, have a slider, and enjoy a chance to see where Jolly’ is made.
  • Slippery Pig Brewery, Bremerton. Honestly we can't think of a more interesting destination than on a farm. Talk about drinking on the farm.
  • White Bluffs Brewing, Richland. One of the 'Tri-Cities' newest breweries. We are encouraged at the prospect of another brewery to rise up and give Ice Harbor competition. Give them a chance Benton County.

Where we might be

Live Local, Drink Local

  • Boundary Bay, Bellingham
  • Chuckanut Brewery, Bellingham
  • Elysian/Capitol Hill, Seattle
  • Harmon Brewing, Tacoma
  • Hood Canal Brewery, Hood Canal
  • Iron Horse Brewery, Ellensberg
  • Lazy Boy Brewing, Everett
  • McMenamins, Mill Creek
  • McMenamins/6 Arms, Seattle
  • Northern Lights, Spokane
  • Odin Brewing, Seattle
  • Pike Brewery, Seattle
  • Redhook, Woodinville
  • Scuttlebutt Brewing, Everett
  • Silver City Brewery, Bremerton
  • Snipes Mtn. Brewery, Sunnyside
  • Snoqualmie Falls, Snoqualmie.
  • Twelve String, Spokane Valley
  • Two Beers Brewery, Seattle
  • Valholl Brewing, Poulsbo
  • Yakima Craft Brewing, Yakima

Be safe and sane out there people. Remember this isn't a pub crawl and you aren't obligated to visit them all!


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