Beer Review: Black Raven Coco Jones Brown Porter with Coconuts, Is A Should Have

image of Coco Jones from Black Raven courtesy of our Flickr page Throughout the history of beverage, society has tried its best to mask a perfectly good drink with additives. Examples range from the simple Vodka & Orange Juice drink (aka, The Screwdriver) to the Mai Thai (a cocktail of fruit and rum).

In the world of craft beer there are examples to be heeded (like Four Loko) and examples to be sought out, like Black Raven's Coco Jones 'Coconut-infused' Brown Porter.

Starting with a well respected English-style Brown Porter the brewers at Black Raven add toasted, shaved coconuts; to the fermenter. What is produced is a beer that has (on many occasions) disappeared quicker than you can finish a pint at their Redmond Tasting Room.

So when we heard that the beer was going to be back on draught we knew we had to visit.

Brewery Description

Our Tamerlane Brown Porter that has been infused with toasted coconuts. Brewed in very small quantities once or twice per year.

Our Thoughts
You Should Have This
. Take our advice if you’re a lover of beers that make you ponder what dessert would pair well with it. This beer has been top on our list ever since it's initial release. So if you see this on draught at a local pub or at Black Raven's Taproom don't hesitate to enjoy it. Food ideas range from chocolate or german chocolate cake to something abstract like a mounds candy bar.

image of Coco Jones from Black Raven courtesy of our Flickr page Served on draft, Coco Jones is almost pitch black without any clarity; save a sliver of Burgundy near the bottom of the glass. Resting there is an initially strong, mocha-colored, foamy head. But quickly it recedes with the warm of room temperature. Left behind are only fragments of white lace inside the glass.

Within the nose it's easy to see why this beer produces pleasant reactions from lovers of the tropics, as notes of vanilla and coconut, are mixed in with notes of bits of caramel.

Sipping you get a strong sense of coconut, bits of coffee, and toasted caramel. Overall this beer produces a medium to strong weight as it rests on the tongue, and there is some residual stickiness.


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