Brewery News: OR & ID: Shawn Kelso & 10 Barrel Brewing announces brewer acquisition and expansion into Boise

clip_image002Today it has ‘formally’ come to our attention that Bend’s (Oregon) 10 Barrel Brewing has acquired another regional celebrity. Introducing Shawn Kelso, formerly of Barley Brown’s Brewing.

Thoughts by 10 Barrel Brewing on Shawn Kelso (formerly of Barley Brown’s Brewing).

Shawn is one of the highest decorated single brewers in the country, winning 50 national medals over the last seven years. He will be the Brewmaster of 10 Barrel’s second brewpub, opening this summer in Boise, ID. Shawn will also play an integral role in all product development for the overall company, working hand-in-hand with Tonya Cornett on our 10 Barrel experimental system in Bend.

When asked for an opinion regarding the upcoming role as head brewer of 10 Barrel Brewing’s Boise brewpub, Shawn had this to say.

“What I am most excited about is having the opportunity to work with such world-class talent in Jimmy and Tonya. Joining 10 Barrel is a chance to jump on board with a really aggressive young company that is working hard to push the boundaries of conventional brewing in the northwest. They are providing me an opportunity to not only contribute to that growth, but to play a critical role in helping shape the direction of the company and challenging myself as a brewer. Joining an up and coming brew scene in Boise will allow me to really showcase my talents in front of a larger audience, including the entire 10 Barrel footprint” Shawn Kelso.

Congrats to 10 Barrel Brewing and Shawn on their new relationship. We look forward to hearing more on how 10 Barrel is received in the city of Boise, in the year’s to come.

About 10 Barrel Brewing

We brew into a 10 Barrel Brewhouse, giving us the freedom to experiment with our recipes in order to produce the highest quality of beer that we can.  This isn’t just any 10 Barrel brewhouse though, it’s a state of the art system that allows us to blend new technology with the tradition of craft fundamentals.  In other words we can’t produce a TON of beer, but we can make it the highest quality.


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